GT40 scale models !

after seeing some references to GT40 scale models, I thought i should share the following info about some amazing 1:12 scale stuff that is available to the GT40 fans out there with too much spare time !
Those of you with the real thing might like to comment on their authenticity

Made by GMP, there are a few versions- Mk11, MkIV, and good ole 1071:
go take a look here-
(warning, very large files)

I have had that site book marked for 2yrs. They were supposed to have the mark I done by last April. Now they have switched to releasing the IV first. I'm glad I didn't give them any money.
I haven't been able to find any Mark I's
in 1/12 scale besides these but I have seen them. Maybe somebody on this forum knows where you can get them.

Exoto has a 1/10" scale GT40 comming out. I have many of their 1/18" scale models (including the works GT40) and they are amazing. The GT40 series should be released soon. Check LeMans winners.
I too have been waiting for the GMP models,
but they're pretty pricey

If you can find the Revell Creative Masters
cars, at 1:20 scale, theyre pretty good.
The second release was no.6/1075, and you
can get it on eBay for around $100 US.

Also, if you're keen on building it yourself,
Le Mans Miniatures has a great resin kit
of 1075, complete with opening doors, clips,
and I believe removable knockoffs. It's
also pricey if you can find it, over $100.
It's 1:24 I believe.