GT40 vs the Competition

When ERA built my first GT40 had 15" wheels that limits the size of the brakes. The brakes were not power assisted and the engine was down in power (330ci). I ran at Road America and the Mustangs were faster and could go deep in the turns.

My second ERA the engine was a 409 with 17" wheel with bigger power assisted brakes. Race rubber etc. The car was a total different car and could run with modern cars at Poconos racetrack.
Great info. So modern brakes are a must.
There is just something special about a the 1960s performance cars like a GT40, Cobra, Daytona Coupe or even Corvette Grand Sport vs today's performance cars. I'd take a GT40 vs a new Ford GT any day but that's mine vintage preference. It's funny to watch people flock around a 1960s GT40 replica over a 2005/2006 Ford GT. Just something special!