is Twenty!

Chris Kouba

Thanks to Ron and the gang for getting this thing off the ground and to all the rest who have picked up responsibilities along the way. It probably would have taken me a LOT longer to get mine running and built, and I've made some great friends from around the world whose paths I would have never crossed because of this forum.

Wild... I remember being in college when I found this site. I used to read the ERA Replicas webpage at least once a week to get my new found GT40 fix. Thanks for keeping this forum running, I still check it multiple times a day.
sorry but this is the only way I could find to get on.Im sure we have someone who has been impacted by Ida on this site. Im just 50 miles from the worst of it. Iost it all in Katrina so I know what you re going through. If you need my help in any way please PM me and I will be there for you. Don J