GTD knock on wheels?


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I'm using Vintage Wheel for a while and quite happy with them. They produce wheels in South Africa, so the wheels had been sent from there.



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Picture attached.

Some of the wheels available do not have the correct approvals for use on European roads.




hi Simon

i have a new set of Vintage Wheels 17" halibrand
that did not fit on my BEC. With tires, 245 mm and 315 mm. Will upload pics tomorrow in for sale.
Hi Simon,

I have the vintage wheels and adapter on GTD standard for more than 10 years and it works perfectly.
I had 17 inches wheels but changed back to the original i.e.: 15'.
Àvon tires 245 front and 295 rear.
I had 2 times a serious exit at Spa and the last time I killed 2 wheels agains the wall in the Raidillon.
The bolt on adapters on the GTD part are still intact !
I know Frank has his view on safety about the bolton and I respect his view as well.

Good luck in your choice.

I've been hit on the Le Castellet track last year. It destroyed a wheel and a tire (and ruined my paint job). I was happy to have 3 pieces wheels, as, after a careful checking, only the outer rim appeared to be damaged and had to be changed, which was not so expensive... (not to mention the price of a new avon tire and of a complete paint job !)