Really good track-only tire.....??

Just wondering what folks might recommend for a good track-only tire. My new weekend ride has staggered 19/20 Michelin pilot sport all-season tires (245 F, 305 R). Great tires. I'm just looking for a track day tire to mount on an extra set of stock/OEM wheels - prefer not to burn up my regular street tires if I do a track event.

Assuming no wet track driving....strictly dry tires run in 60-80 degree temps for 2-3 short 20 minute sessions. I would hope to get 6 or 7 track days out of them with reasonably responsible driving.

Thanks in advance for any help.

David Garton

I have a new set of Hoosiers 315/40/ZR19 R6 compounds. Stored inside airconditioned showroom. I had a set of BBS with them front and rears for tracking my 05 GT. They work incredibly like the car was on rails.
If you like the Pilot Sport A/S, have you looked at the Pilot Sport 4 A/S? They're a lot quieter on the track than the Pilot Sport 3 A/S I used to have on my Mustang.

(I'm not driving at 10/10ths nor am I a tire expert. I'm just having fun driving in circles)

Darius Rudis



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Howard Jones

I am running R7 Hoosires on my SLC but alas, they are worn out after a lot of track days. How many? None of the Hoosiers I have put on the car have been new. So the used take-offs have ranged from pretty old to nearly new. My best guess and observation is they will be new to good for about 4 to 6 weekends and then degrade from OK to done over the next dozen or so if you don't require best performance. They are safe until they are at least 3-5 years old or the wear looks like the cord might begin to show, BUT DON'T LET THEM FREEZE!!!!!!

I bought a new set of Toyo RR's. My first set of new tires! They are a lot less money and for my driving ability are fast enough I believe (hope). In any case, the new Toyos have to be a lot better than worn-out R7s.

One thing about track-only dot slicks. They are very thin in the contact patch. They will not tolerate being locked up at all. You will have a big hole in them faster than you can say...... fuck!!!!! But they are MUCH faster than ANY street a lot. I would say that on my SLC the worn-out R7s are faster than any set of any new street tires I could put on it.

I have been told that the R7s are at least 5-6 seconds a lap (on a 2-minute lap) faster than the best street tire. I think they could be a lot more than that.

My choice for a streetcar that gets dual use? Say 3000 miles of road use and 4 days at the track (400-500miles) a year. Toyo R888R

Current prices each at Tire Rack 245/40/17

R7 $387
Toyo RR $287
R888R $236
Michelin Pilot Sport 4S $261

Really great value and good size selection

Toyo Proxes Sport $160
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Thank you Gents, those are some good suggestions.

I'm really looking for some track-only/R compound tires. I have street tires that came on the car (2024 C8 stingray) which are the Michelin Pilot Sport all season I believe. The track tires would be for the 1-2 track days I might do per year. You know, drive to the track, swap out the tires, do a couple sessions then switch the tires back and return home with the support vehicle.

I have an extra set of the new OEM rims already...bought from a guy who didn't like the silver color. Just need the track tires now. The Z06 uses an R compound Michelin Pilot Sport I believe, but it's a wider wheel/tire front and rear so that spec isn't viable.

Anyway, spring is a ways away so there's time to do some more research.

Thank you!