Gurney Eagle heads

A friend has come across three sets of Gurney Eagle heads to fit a 289/302, of which one could be for sale. Apparently brand new, they come with the works: heads, valves, springs, rockers, shafts, mounting posts, inlet manifold, water rails, rocker covers, etc, everything in fact except carbs and linkages. They are not cheap. If anyone is interested I will put you in touch.

He may also has a mint Pantera transaxle - looking for £4k.



Charlie Farley

Hi Rob,
You should know by now im interested in anything origianl 40.
Slap on the wrist!! lol
Please advise contact method.
I too have a complete NOS G-W headset for sale. It has the manifolds for Weber carbs. No carbs included. I bought this brand new from the All American Racers shop in California.
How much are you selling the heads for ?
P.s. their an awsome thing at full noise..
These are available now. Make me an offer. I know of a NOS set that sold recently priced at $8,000.00.

Ron Earp

Mick, if you have something for sale it would be polite for you to start your own thread about it and not hijack another person's for sale advertisement. Thanks,

Sorry gents,
my mistake ,do you guys give classes for newbies?
if so,sign me up .

sorry once again.