H Craft GT-R, Jared's build.

It's in the details.
The blue of the Ford oval neither matches the blue of the body color nor the color of the stripes, well we have a fix for this.
Take two ford emblems to make one. Firstly I grind the chrome section off of the edge of one emblem which allows me to slice the blue section off of the backing, then scrape of the blue paint and re paint to desired color.
Pick the centre out of the second emblem carefully with out damaging the chrome part then bond in the re colored center.


Just read through the entire thread. Beautiful work, really amazing.
What are you using for bonding parts to the GRP? Thanks!
H can you elaborate a little more on what you use to bond your parts maybe just show us the actual material cans from West Marine and give us an idea on mixture qty just curious
Well we are moving along with lots of little bits and pieces all of which are necessary and time consuming but not particular exiting.
I've started to look at the door latching, there will be a solenoid to operate the bear claw latch which had to be removed from the door, the holes filled in then swapped left to right to get them to operate in the direction of pull we needed. The doors will have a pocket instead of the latch into which a button will be located to operate the solenoid from outside, there will be a pull handle from inside to pull a cable to exit. In addition there will be a key on the drivers door which operates a cable to open the latch in event of a flat batterie.
The keyless entry system will activate the door latches when you get within five feet of the car.

This key opener will get fastened to the inside of the door skin with a couple of bond on studs.

28' of -6 bradded hose went into the PCV/Elite system. Apparently on the LT4 there are isues with oil getting vacuumed up under the supercharger so hopefully all the extra piping will fix this.

All in all a bitch of a job to make remotely pleasing to the eye.

Hi Andy, What heat shield tape are you using on the chassis sections? Is it a titanium finish? Stunning build, makes me want to build a GTR over a MK1 GT40 now ;/

Joel K

Moving on to the charge cooler, the electric pump has been mounted to the bulkhead and ill bend up some aluminum water pipes to carry the water to the cooling rad which will sit over the transmission, It will have cold air ducted from the engine cover and pushed through the rad.

Here is the plenum fabricated up out of 065" and 090" 3003 aluminum, the two holes are for the ducted cold air.

H, looks like you are using the stock Z06/LT4 heat exchanger. I would appreciate if you could provide the size of the core. That is the core thickness, height, and width. I have the same engine and looking to use two smaller heat exchangers and want to at least have the same capacity across both as the stock Z06 has. Thanks.