H Craft GT-R

Looking very nice as the color elevates it to the next level.

Do you know if our rear vent openings/depressions will take OEM size vents? Dont love the 2 dimensional ones. What are you doing in that area with yours? I'll be in touch for tail lights soon.
So she's back from the paint shop and ready for final assembly, she looks beautiful too.

Hi Luke, yes OEM parts will fit, these are OEM side ducts and aftermarket aluminum top vents as the OEM ones had a tendency to break.
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You deserve whatever this cottage industry rewards you with. Very convincing build. The Robertson's vetted you well.

I'm considering same aftermarket vents, thx for confirmation.

Mesh screens in front and rear in your parts catalog?
So I've blacked out most of the inside of the body panels, well at least what will be visible when its assembled.

My guy Jeremy has been hard at work colour sanding, buffing and polishing all of the body panels.
and I've been reassembling the interior and bonding in carpet.

I hope to get the dash, windows - frames and the door cards in tomorrow, its all starting to come together now.
Okay so its about a wrap on the interior, just the passenger door card to hang and done, and I'm much impressed with the outcome if I do say so myself.
With all the soft surfaces , dynamat and insulation its like sitting in a studio, stereo sounds great, albeit without the engine running.
The doors now fully built up are heavy and shut with a firm thud, just what I was looking for

I capped the box section with some thin aluminum that just clips into place and trimed it out with Ebay carpet. the mid window trim was 1/4" ply with the same treatment.

Then back in with the seats, dash, glove box and door seals

And a view from the drivers seat

Larry L.

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Are the louvered vents that sit over the engine made of 'glass or metal?

Also what is their approx. length & width (the whole 'strip' of same)?

Thanks -
H just an awesome job I assume with having the availability with the stock interior parts from the race cars helps a ton I just hope your working on molds for their availability to us common folk I know the center console is done the other trim pieces would be great what are you doing for headliner, where are the seats from one of the stock cars