H Craft GT-R

So very cool and great for you and honestly Fran/RCR. Your car may not be the typical budget of a lot of HR readers, but then again I've subscribed without error since I was 12 when my father bought my first subscription to promote casual reading and the car hobby. 37 years later, haven't missed a year.

I look forward to the coverage.
Luke I think the Hot Rod coverage is good for everyone it gives the car a chance to be seen by a different sector of folks maybe not all that familiar with RCR Cars . It also provides a platform for the average guy to maybe afford a working mans GT in lieu of the 350,000 to 600,000 factory cars

Andy H Smith

GT40s Supporter
Engine Cover Hinges
This Project is definitely not an easy one to get right, plenty of glueing, glassing, drilling, tapping and shimming, but here are a set of parts that will get you going in the right direction.
I've done it twice with the same set of pieces now. if you're up for the challenge then here you go. $355.00 a set