H Craft GT-R

Doug S.

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I've been watching these GT-R builds...seems like a great way to get a Ford's 5.4L Triton engine (that's what Ford puts into their GT, except the GT has a blower on the 5.4) or a Coyote engine in a GT body.

Win-win all around....hard to get those engines into the engine bays of standard size GT40 replicas and still have room for intakes and exhaust...it looks like there is more room in the GTR (I'm not claustrophobic, but some are and that can present a problem in a standard size GT40 replica).

Great build thread, thanks!

H all that is left to do is enjoy all the hard work and drive the wheels off the car ( oh wait you need to keep producing accessory pieces for all us common folk) really nice work good luck with the car
Goes to show what a shop full of the right equipment, access to unobtainium and massive talent can get you!
"Stunning", "no words" and all the other deserving superlatives yet unwritten.
FIrst: Just drop dropping!

Doug, yes I have an Al 5.8 with TVS installed with room to spare. I'm running the intake in GT500 format and will use driver side duct to bring in cold air. Not much rear view though, LOL.

Rick Merz

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Very nice work, love the color, I am using a very similar blue but with a tangerine mustache stripe. Two thumbs up, I'd give more but I only have 2 thumbs. :)
Very nice, few would or could ever tell the originals from the RCR. Certainly no compromise in appearance. Wonder which would turn better lap times though this wasn't your intention.....hard not to ask the question parked as such. Kudos

Yes, I'll call. Just busy schedule and didn't want to bother on weekend.
If I could add a superlative greater than those already stated, I would, but every one of these comments is true. Your car is unbelievable! Thanks for showing us what “The Best” looks like.