H Craft GT-R

So today I went a little backwards, I thought I'd put a little fuel in the tank just to check it out, yes I found a leak, so all the front end had to come of steering rack and all just so that I could weld up the tiny whole in a weld, it was hardly visible but leave it to the fuel to find its way out.

Here is a photo of my fuel system whilst I had the tank open, paper filter to Bosch pump, in tank will feed out to a Bosch filter then onto the regulator and return and thats about it.

Well, I guess a big thanks has to go out to "photobucket.com" for changing their 3rd party sharing policy without notice there fore screwing three months worth of build information.
Well sorry all but I'm not paying up $399.00 for their hosting service.
If you want to carry on following the build you will all have to refer to my "H Craft" face book page or go the "hcraftcustoms.com and click on the Facebook logo at the top of the page

I wanter to simplify the fuel system to an in tank Bosch high pressure pump and filter feeding out to an external Bosch filter and into the regulator then onto the fuel rail and done.

This required putting a sump into the fuel tank and re shaping the water pipes.

And adding an access panel into the top of the tank for pump repairs.

This photo shows the whole in the chassis for access.

As the foot box is so deep I wanted to utilize the dead space as a trunk withe under hood access.

the passenger side has the battery under the trunk floor the drivers side has the electric power steering unit.

Next was to make mounts for the factory GT style front clip.

Front discs are upgraded to 15" and bigger front calipers.

This meant me making some caliper mount adapter brackets.

Then some front water pipe work.

Fitting the electric windows etc, into the doors, nightmare of a job, so many brackets and so on.

one of the many brackets that had to go into the doors.

cutting and tucking the roll cage into the A pillars.

And I did the same with the rear hoop to allow for the seat belt pockets.

Body mods and mounts and general tightening up of body gaps.