H Craft GT-R

So on to mounting the engine, I bought some standard 5.0 coyote engine mounts from ford racing for $125.00 cheap for what you get, and started to work from there.

once bolted on and the engine was swung into place again I added a cross brace onto where to build the rest of the mounts.

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Exhausts, well headers for a start.
Ebay, for a Mustang, long tube headers $189.00. Obviously I was sure that they wouldn't fit right but all that pipe, flanges and merge collector for $189.00.
So with a little bit cut out a the use of a $200.00 Exhaust stretcher from Summit I have some headers that go down under and past the drive shafts for under $400.00. Couldn't buy the parts to make them for that, plus I have another cool tool to boot.

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So the the kit supplied K brace, for the rear, that i'd then modified to hang the transmission from got the boot today. In order to get a nice straight shot to the intake butterfly some thing had to change.

So I band sawed out some 1/4" plate 6061 into banana shapes, added some 1 1/2" round bar ends and an 1/8" top cap with punched holes to give rigidity. A bunch of welding and some 5 hrs later and here you go.

Now for the K brace, the stock one was cut up for the threaded ends and brace brackets, I wanted to create a gap over the trans mount and under the K Brace. In order to achieve this it needed to be curved, I could get two inches of curvature before it hit the underside of the engine cover, so that was the number I worked to.

The pipes were rolled with a cheap Northern Tool tube roller, at 1 1/2 with a 1/8 wall DOM it was at its limit but the results were well worth the work.
The intake tube can now run nicely to the rear of the mounts to an air cleaner, which will come next.
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Next big hurdle was to get the exhaust out the back, along with a 18" long cat and a 20" long silencer in 30" of space.
So up and around it had to go.


Ron McCall

Incredible Work as usual! Are you going to use that ugly bumper??? I may have a better option for you when I return from Monterey. ;-)

I added the cross over pipe this morning, so other than hangers the exhaust is about done.

Bolted on the defuser.

And some better tail light parts showed up today.

So for the third time I cut up the tunnel and re fabricated the gear shifter dome, this time I'm happy with the results. Finally

In the process the tunnel got the final trim allowing me to fit the base speaker housing.

AC control knobs for the Restomod Air were installed and an arm rest was mocked up.

I know the amount of work I have in my GT-R, and I love it, but looking at how amazing your car is, I can't imagine the work it takes to create such an awesome car. You are A MASTER.