H Craft GT-R

Okay its not as detailed as the first time around but there is at least some content now no thanks to Photo Bucket for their policy changes, moving on with a new photo host.
So I came home from Road America to this little beauty.

First order of business was to see if the intake was able to be turned backwards.

Just a little trim and all fits well.

Order of the day was to get the engine and trans axel bolted together and into the car for test fitting.

So I'm trying to put the assembly as low and forward as possible and to use rubber mounts to refine the ride so a little trimming and welding was required for the trans axel sump.

And there is where it needs to be, I've got a 2.5" shallower oil pan coming as the pan hangs out below the frame rails. Some Mustang Coyote mounts are on order to mount the motor and ill need to make a mount to hang the trans from the rear cross brace.
working on a transaxel hanger today. started with a Chevy engine mount.

then machined a chunk of 4" 6061 ally in the four jaw chuck to come up with an exentric sleeve.

welded that to a base plate and done.

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Wonderful set up "H".........Ive known you for many years, this is truly your baby and the talent shown is second to none!
Keep the pictures coming.
So nothing in this game is as simple as it seams, so a Coyote 5.0 oil pan fits onto a 5.2 Aluminator XS. Great, the oil pick up how ever dose not! well not without several hours of modification. So the Aluminator XS 5.2 is the block from the flat plain crank 5.2 mustang but with a cross plain crank, or so it would appear. Time will tell but there is little in the way of aftermarket parts for the XS 5.2 as it's brand new to the market, I think that I have one of the very first ones. The oil pickup on the XS 5.2 is molded into the plastic oil pan and is just pushed up into a seal as you instal the pan.

Also the windage tray is built into the oil pan, but a 5.0 mustang pan gasket comes with the windage.

So with a Moroso 5.0 oil pan, a much modified Moroso oil pickup and a ford Mustang 5.0 pan gasket I was able to shorten the pan by 2 1/2". Now the engine is where I wanted it.

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Lowering the engine due to the shallower oil pan, also meant that I needed more clearance trans sump to cross member, so having modified the cross member yesterday that mod got cut out and modified again, it's always better the second time :)

This mornings job was to make a front water pipe as the factory one still ran into the bulkhead with where i want the motor to sit, this saved me about two inches forward.

Then onto finishing up the hand brake cables, I had to solder new ends onto the cables to finish up the brake setup id made a month ago.

I finally got and installed the longer rear ARP studs whilst the rear was apart.

And started on insulating the fire wall.

Trying to tidy up the bulk head as much as possible and in doing so seal cockpit to engine bay as much as possible.

I also leveled off around the seatbelt pockets which will give a flat area each side for the ECU passenger side and Infinity box drivers side

Ill need to work on the window soon so that it can be installed before the engine goes in, I'm thinking of a sealed unit of two 1/8 tempered pains and a 1/8 spacer.

This is a bracket to mount the AC compressor and once I come up with a 35.5" belt that job is about done.

I got some more 1.5" 6061 in today so was able to bend up the second front water pipe, a couple of 90 silicone hoses and thats about done, just need to add a port for the expansion tank.

I put the Restomod Air unit in today and bent up some 1/2" tube through the wheel well to connect to the front water pipes. the Restomod Air unit is a great compact piece that offers a full climate control system with simple instal and a nice control unit.

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