Has anyone heard of COLORTUNE?!

I recently purchased this item from Eastwood. I plan to use it for air/Fuel mixture set up on my webers.



Although I purchased it from Eastwood, the package indicates it is from England!! May be our brethrens with "white knees", can help.


P.S I am sure there are better devices, I am only interested in this one.

It is from the UK and I used one when I was a teenager in and it worked well. It allows you to set the mixture for each cylinder and you can see it by the colour of the burning mixture. I was using it on 4 cylinder single carb engines where you could not set each cylinder for optimum but an average of all 4. One would think that it would be good for your setup.



May be our brethrens with "white knees", can help.

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Hi Faili - White Trash here!

I have one of these items knocking around in my toolbox. I haven't used it for years but kept it for 'curiosity' sake.

I would post the instructions but as you have one, you've got them already.

Maybe I'll get round to testing it in comparison with the Wideband Lambda meter I now use. I suspect it would come up a bit lean if you follow the instructions to the letter but I may be wrong.

I do remember that to be subjective in identifying the actual colour being displayed, you really needed to be in a darkish environment, eg under cover. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/twocents.gif

actually, as you're finacially astute, have a few more...
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Hi Faili,
Yes, I have one and used to use it for setting up the twin Webers on Alfas in the 70s. Since the advent of fuel injection it has been a little under-employed.
You can see the combustion colour inside the cylinder through the glass top. It is surprisingly accurate and, once I had got the throttle balance by noting the rpm drop when disconnecting plug leads, it got them spot on.
Whether the technique is applicable for 4xIDAs on a '40 is another matter . . .
Still, it would be worth a try!
We might be taking a trip to remind you Colonials who's boss later in the Spring, we could play with it then.


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I second the last comments. I used it on single and twin carb motors. Its cheap, simple to use and surprisingly accurate. Now why cant all things be like that!!!

I will report back once I have put it to use. I think it would be interesting to see how the Webers (IDF) respond to this.

Peter Delaney

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Wow - a blast from the past !! I remember Colourtune having a display at car shows when I was a kid & it worked a treat. The depressing part about this was that their test car was a late 50's Dodge !

Kind Regards,

Grandpa Peter D !

Peter Delaney

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PS - Faili, don't knock the guys with "white knees" - they are the guys with sunburnt butts & girlfriends with sunburnt knees !!!!

Kind Regards,

Peter D.
Hey Guys,

Were really showing our age! I have one of these too somewhere in the don't use but can't throw out box of tools. Back in the 70's I used it for tuning a cooper S mini with a side draught weber work really well.
How your memory? They used to be marketed as Gunsons Colour Tune! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif

They still are sold here as Gunson's colourtune - I bought one new a few months back, just to check the basics on my engine before it left the garage - works a treat.