1. V

    fuel tank vents

    I noticed in a picture of Graham Hill standing beside a GT40 with the front clip open and next to the off side filler cap is a small object which I had not seen before so I looked in the book Ford GT40 Production and Racing History individual chassis record by Trevor Legate and in the exploded...
  2. R

    New old wannabe here

    I've loved the Ford GT since I saw pics of the first prototypes in the 60s. I still think the Mark II is one of the most beautiful cars ever made. Unless I win the lottery soon I'll never own one but I can still admire them. I'm amazed at the number of people who own replicas. Any idea how...
  3. P

    Superformance chassis number

    I'm amazed that there is not a cold typing of the chassis number on the Superformance, is this plate? someone to confirm thank you
  4. J

    KVA chassisnumber

    Where is it stamped on the chassis, and can you identify it by its number. My number SFAFXXBABFBB with 5 digits According to the V5, august 1th 1981 I don't have the chassis with the drum brakes. It has two coil-over shocks on each side on the back. 7 posts to go and I can upload pics.
  5. P

    P 1000 w

    I saw this GT40 for the Dix Mille Tours du Castellet , its chassis number is P / 1000 W, do you have an explanation for the W ? Peter Auto - Dix Mille Tours du Castellet
  6. W

    Early spec rear lights

    Hi All, Does anyone know the part number or make/type of the early 1965 spec twin rear light? Gelsco do have some on their website but it would be nice to know the part number. Here is a picture of what I am talking about. Thank you ! Tom
  7. P

    GTD40 chassis # help please

    Hello Folks, I want to know what #my chassis is on my GTD. It has vin and number plates that match each other and are what was used in California for the SB100 registration by F. Faili ( hope I spelled his name correctly). Any way, I cant seem to find a number that fits the description that some...
  8. M

    Oil fillter

    Anybody got a part number for a 1973 302 oil filter Regards mark
  9. W

    What chassis number is this car?

    Hi All, Does anyone know anything about the GT40 owned and raced by Chris Ward and JD Classics? Reg number is FKJ 9C. I have seen the car at several events but cant find out what the chassis number is or what colour the bodywork is. I will try to upload a photo of it. Thanks all! Tom...
  10. P

    Help to Identify a Gulf GTD.....

    I've been contacted by the Roads and Maritime Services / vehicle registration authority in New South Wales, Australia about a car they are trying to register over there. Anyone have info on the factory built cars to try and trace this one? I've got a chassis number and need to try and verify...
  11. D


    I am progressing with my Southern Gt Build, I have now come to where I need Headlights. Mick at Southern said that Mark 1 Escort are what I need but are unobtainable. I have been told that Renault 12 would do, but I am having difficulty with them as well. One ray of light came from Hella/Cibe...
  12. J

    SPF white gelcoat

    i have SPF GT40 Mk2 P2116 and have a scratch. about 5 in. long on rear shell thru Gelcoat. rough edges. i'm assuming this is gelcoat. is there a number or code for white on this car? local boatyard gellcoat repair expert guy asks. thanks
  13. wolodymyr

    Help! Jenveys butterfly looseness.

    Started to balance Jenvey pairs at idle. Number 5 was reading 3 times more flow than all the others including its brother number 6. I see that the butterfly has some play relative to its brother which explains the symptom. I tried to remove screws holding the Jenvey nameplate on but couldn't...
  14. Doc Watson

    zf-0 type plate

    Does the ZF-0 come with a type plate? I have seen them on the zf -1 and -2 boxes but not on a -0. Mine dosent have one ( zf-0) and this plate is supposed to have a 10 digit serial number starting with 1031 (according to ZF Germany) There is a cast number in the rear gearbox which is...
  15. Yuji Yamada

    Wiper motor for GTD

    Hi, It looks I do need to replace the wiper motor although I seldom drive in rainy days. Thus, it'll be appreciated if you could let me know the part number and manufacture of the wiper motor for GTD40? Thanks
  16. K

    In the PC Race - Canada Wins!

    Sorry Canucks but really..... :shocked: Man has personalised number plate withdrawn due to 'offensive' surname
  17. J

    RBT question

    Hi all :-). Does a new build RBT transmission have a serial number?
  18. J

    location of VIN nr.

    Hi :-) can someone tell me how many and where the locations of the VIN number is, on a 66 Superformance mk11.