Hello from a new member in Texas

I joined this site in preparation for deciding whether or not to pursue a gt40 replica. I have followed Ford and Shelby since I was a kid. I owned a 1966 Hertz GT350H for 20 years and it's in a museum now. I raced a 1969 Mach I Mustang with a cobra jet 428 in B&C Stock in the Mid 2000's. My son-in-law's family sponsored a Funny Car for three years and then in 2018 I bought a new GT350.
Recently I took my kids to see Ford vs. Ferrari and really got the bug to upgrade my GT350 to a GT40 replica. I will spend some time learning about what is out there and which one I prefer.
Jeff Johnson

Randy V

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Welcome to GT40s.com Jeff!
You’ve found one of the largest online repositories of GT40 information right here...


Go for it Jeff, bloody bonkers most of us, I am 6ft 5" so a Cobra or similar would have been the simpler option but heck who likes simple eh!!!
Once in I'll never get out :)
Great bunch on the forum could not have done without it during my build, cheers