Help Needed to Identify Tornado Front Upper Ball Joints

Hi All,

I am recommissing a Tornado and I need to replace the top ball joints on the front suspension (perished rubbers). Cany anyone tell me what they are from? I have seen another thread listing them as Mitsubishi Colt, but this may be because the OPs arms were swapped to Southern GT ones. Mine are just standard Tornado arms..

Thanks in advance for any help.

Cheers Murf,

I had a look through the Tornado website but didnt see anything. I'll give Andy a call and see if he has anything. I need to order up a single nostril front panel anyway.

Hi !
On my Tornado it's M18 1,5mm ,both side RHT and cone to the spider side depend on the type of upright your car have.
If it is Granada MK1 and MK2 i think you should look att the Ford Transit Steering ball joints.
new ball joints and steering gaiters fitted. One step closer to recommissioning.........

Thanks again for you help.