Just joined up 1 as a fan of the gt40 and 2 to hopefully unite some parts I have that I think would make a gt40 owner happy. Get out the pitchforks, I'm a Chevy guy, BUT the GT40 is one of the baddest Racecars ever built and I have a soft spot in my heart for them and their successes on the track. I am building from scratch a 1965 AJ Watson designed sprint car ( go fast turn left) and through my parts hunting I have had to buy some parts in " lots" to get what I needed. Which brings me here. Hopefully someone can use what I have on their car.. thanks for letting me join and enjoy the hell out of your cars. Be safe and have fun!!!! Jay
I did a tribute car to A.J Watson . I called it "Blastolene Indy special. using an 1800 v12. Randy for all the details. Love A.J's cars!
Thanks for the welcome and Mr Grubb the link to your site is not working but ill do some hunting and see if i can hunt it down.. im a huge watson fan from indy to the dirt... getting a little older and want to go in circles without someone getting mad and impatient and stuffing me in the wall!!! just want to have some fun.. yall take care. Jay
found you Randy Grubb... my jaw is on the ground...level of craftsmanship,detail, and imagination on your cars are next level...function, form, art, and speed... all of the things that drew me to AJ's cars in the first place.. i was lucky enought to find a set of plans from watson sprint car from 1965 and am building an exact copy.. all chassis work is done.. on to the body as work and family allows.. thanks again for the welcome both Randys.. unfortunately i am unable to list the parts i have but Randy V perhaps we can have a PM and if you see merit to them being useful to your members, can find a woraround, get them listed and hopefully they end up in the right hands.. thanks again for the welcome.. Take good care.. Jay

Randy V

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PM me any time.
You should be able to list the parts yourself however..
Welcome, you can list parts. The reason your previous post was deleted was because it didn't follow the rules we have in place. Please review those first in the Garage section before posting. Quite simply, photos and price are required.

Thanks all. Brett I was having difficulty posting pics. Will give it a shot again this morning. Thanks for all of your help. Take good care.