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Ian Clark

There's a lot of ways to build a GT-40 and we've all put bucket loads of blood sweat and tears into getting our cars the way we want them.

Also a lot of speculation on things like high speed stability, how much horsepower to go how fast, Carbs vs Fuel Injection and don't even talk about transaxles!

At the end of the day, any solid, well engineered and built GT-40 reproduction should act similar to the original car.

To have a car really start to accelerate at 145mph in top gear then keep pulling strong past 190mph (with revs to spare) is simply incredible.

I've driven some pretty fast cars in my day, nothing this fast or stable at high velocities. If you've seen the movie "A Man And A Women" where the GT-40 is being tested on an oval and the driver takes his hands off the wheel at what has to be over 180mph you get the idea.

The CAV GT-40 Mk1b with a FRPP 347, RBT ZF 5speed, Fuel Injection, factory supplied springs and coil over shocks, Single Outlet Nose and ride height at 4" front, 4.5" rear was rock solid all the way up.

Had the camera been mounted to the car the picture would have been smoother, because the ride was very good, at least here you can see the 220mph Speedo occasionally. The video shows just over 190 mph and it was still pulling strong!

"Of course, Mr Philps, should you decide to accept this mission, the tape will self destruct in five seconds and the authorities will dissavow any knowlege of your actions" or lets hope they do!

Sometimes it's all worth while, enjoy:)

Holy Crap Batman!
Pretty amazing!

I'll bet that the guy you passed at about 180MPH, crapped

his pants when you flew by! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shocked.gif

By the way, your acceleration run was downhill! Cheater! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif

Have you tried 0-190+MPH yet? On level ground? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif

Ron Earp

Nice going but be careful out there on public roadways at those speeds. I'd hate to see a fellow member injured for sure, or, even worse some innocent folks tied up in such a thing.

Ian Clark

Hi Bill, the hill wasn't very steep, I doubt the car would roll down it if out of gas. The good thing was visability, easy to see the traffic and not much of it.

This run was done at 3000 ft above sea level. I have no doubt over 200mph could be acheived under controlled circumstances (thanks Ron).

What tires are you using and how does the car hook up? Can you use full throttle in first gear without spinning?

By the way, great video. If I didn't know what kind of car it was, I would be sure the speedometer was calibrated in KPH it accelerates so fast.


Ian Clark

Hi Kevin,

I'm not one for smoking standing starts, it really abuses the machinery. If you push it, it will spin the tires for say twenty feet then hook up and go. No squirming around just strait and clean.

Once, I foolishly floored it in first gear, a total waste of time because although it hooks up great, the accelration is so fierce you're grabbing second gear in a about 1 second while trying to control huge torque swings in a very light car with a tricky shift pattern. On the ZF 1st is bottom left with a jog in the middle gate to 2nd. There is no sense in hurrying this process, just get into 2nd briskly, then mat it, hold on and look waaay down the road because you'll be there instantly:)

The tires are Dunlop 295/50rear and 225/50front and no they're not z speed rated. Although the tires construction is similar to the z tires and they ran true without any vibration, we are all crying out for proper rubber for these cars.

As they say on television, "please do not attempt this at home"!

We were very carefull to ensure correct suspension alignment plus the CAV monocoque is extremely stiff which allows for control of the contact patch under load.

A real blast to drive, even at 100kph. Yes, the speedo is correct and also calibrated in KPH with 330 being the top number on the dial.

What were all those other cars doing on your private test track....the cheek! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shocked.gif

It would really be great to see someone come out with some real high performance 15" tires. With as light as these cars are, the speed rating is probably not a big issue. (The whole car only weighs a little more than the max allowable weight for one rear tire). With all of the 60s muscle cars being restored these days, you would think some tire company would see enough of a market to do some high performance 15" tires. At least we can hope.


Dan W

Scary (on public roads)but incredible acceleration !
Thanks for the video - Dan /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif
Awesome video! Lets hope you don't go the same way as the guy who took the F40 video! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif

Regards, Martin
OK, Buzz the non-computer guy wants to know why his screen just blinks when he double clicks on the video.

YOu have to right click on the link and then select "save target as" and then save it on your dektop. It should start downloading. When its done, there will be a file on your computer that you can open using Windows Media Player or equivalent.

Just yell if it still doesnt work.

Lukas & Ian...half way there.

Now I have it on the desktop.

When I double click nothing happens?

And no, I haven't tried watching a video clip before.

Cool video, I wish my car had a ZF in it. The Audi trans runs out of RPM at 157mph and ran into the rev limiter HARD. Ian, picture your car in 4th and how hard it's accellerating at 5000 RPM and you'll have the Audi in fifth. The injection sure sounds nice.
Hey Canuk40
Very impressive. Was the venue Yellowhead Highway to Jasper?
If it is, it's nice straight highway almost to Jasper; not many Bears patrolling the road. I've driven this stretch several times to Kamloops.

Does your injected car have a swirl pot/surge tank to avoid furl pump starvation under heavy braking or cornering conditions?

Regards, Buzz