Introduction - One more time

Mitch Krause

Silver Supporter
Hello all,

I originally did an introduction last year. Mitch Krause, from Minnesota. The introduction went along with a request for information and such, and did end up in me narrowing in on options. Long story short, I was able to meet Randy via this forum to pick his brains on car options, and have now ended up purchasing his in-process GT 40 RCR car. We have been sorting through different pieces and parts of the car and I have been taking those home, all the while trying to absorb as much information from him as I can, and I will then be taking over finishing the car, I would anticipate becoming much more active on the forum (maybe that has to wait until after softball season). I am very pleased with the direction this has taken, and look forward to really joining the club.

Mitch Krause