Istanbul Grand Prix

Thought I'd share with you a fantastic weekend.
After having enjoyed the F1 race in glorious sunshine high in the grandstand at turn 9, I went back to my hotel. A lot of the F1 teams were staying there so no shortage of race related conversation to evesdrop in on.
In the morning I went down for breakfast late and was sitting their minding my own business when Jenson Buttons dad sits on the table next to me. He was alone and we started talking. Very nice guy, chatted for about twenty minutes before I left him to finish up. Fantastic.

It got better too, as I was at reception ordering a taxi, who should walk up and check out but Jenson himself. I said hello, shook his hand and had a brief conversation. I couldn't believe it.:stunned:

Now that will definitely NOT be possible at the British GP in two weeks time. What a memory to have...