January 11th Simeone museum

Note that the Simeone museum in Philly is having a GT40 event on January 11th, see their web site for details. We will attend this event if weather permits. They have two original Ford race cars from the era, a Mark II and a Mark IV. They also have the first Daytona coupe, the one that was squirreled away in a storage locker for thirty years etc. This would all be worth attending.
Well, except for one of us having a toothache, this was a thoroughly enjoyable day. We did get to hear the cars run, but not outdoors- the weather was too bad for that, with fog and rain. But if you have not been to the Simeone Foundation Museum, it is well worth seeing- their collection of vintage race cars is really amazing, goes back to the twenties, and is very well presented. Don't miss it.