John Schneider is a (Logo)Star

Got the products back end of last week. I can honestly say good value and well priced.

However, I would say if anyone wants to order from John's site here in the UK, as it would probably be better to group in to avoid the pleasure of the PO charge.

Thanks guys,
That really means alot to me. I honestly didn't start offering these things to make money but instead to spread good chear and some GT40 gear.
I and Logostar as a business thrive on positive feedback. Thank you again, and also thanks to everyone else who ordered I hope you all enjoy.
I will have some more stuff avaliable soon. Just a few things people had requested.
If anyone has an idea please let me know.

Max Walter

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As stated in another topic, I too have been very pleased with the goods I purchased.

I was wearing both the golf shirt & track cap last weekend at Stoneleigh.

If you want a hint, here it is...

The jackets that were used by Shelby/GT40 team back in 1965.

If you have the book of Trevor Legate;Ford GT40; pls look at page34,39,,40.

If you don't, is there someone who could send John some pics as I am not a genious on this stuff.

I am sure you will have a lot of success within our great GT40 world