Warch the trailer--are you going to see Ford v. Ferrari? here's a review just of the trailer

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Ford v. Ferrari – The Trailer: An Enthusiast’s Review

by Wallace Wyss –
Yes, there are even reviews of trailers. Why? Well, here on My Car Quest (and other car sites) because this is shaping up to be an important movie to car enthusiasts, actually to two separate groups–the rah-rah-America-wins group championing American engines and the exotic-is-best group flying Ferrari (and other) flags.
This movie’s success (it comes out November 8th, 2019 in the UK) could well determine if any more car films get funding because RUSH tanked. It could be, on this new film Ford v. Ferrari, director James Mangold’s approach–telling the human story behind the car story–is the way to go.
We’ve had it with mechanical details–we want motivations! Now the trailer promises plenty of action–you see race cars hurtling through the air.
You see fisticuffs (though in interviewing many Shelby former employees while researching my three Shelby books I never heard of fisticuffs between Shelby and any employee)
You see an actor who doesn’t look like Shelby playing Shelby and an actor that doesn’t look like Miles playing Miles. And an actor that doesn’t look like Henry Ford II playing HFII aka “The Deuce”. What, they never heard of makeup? Or a prothesis?
Nevertheless, I recently bought a book on Ford vs Ferrari hoping, as promised by the intro, it would have some behind the scenes info but again it had the same old litany of mechanical changes when now I want to read about why Henry Ford wanted to go for a LeMans win, why Ford rejected working with Lotus’ Colin Chapman (as they had on the Ford Indy car) I want the personalties, because now that we can look up the mechanical bits on Google we don’t need to take up time with them anymore. We want to know the motivations.
Elizabeth Blackstock, reviewing the same trailer on Jalopnik, echoes my view saying “That said, the trailer is compelling as hell! In between just enough exposition to let us know that we’re all going to love the no-bullshit Shelby and the take-no-shit Miles are some really beautiful racing shots that honestly make me kind of glad I live in the 21st century so I can see iconic race battles recreated at extreme angles in glorious HD. There are crashes, fist fights, fires—there’s romance, family, humor, and, well…just take two minutes to check out the trailer. It looks so good.”
Blackstock even goes into how the movie was supposed to be based on AJ Baime’s book Go Like Hell but the producers say it wasn’t and how unfair that is, but neglects to mention that AJ Baime took to the bank at least $100,000 when his film rights were first bought by Fox, so I don’t see why she or Baime are complaining. The rights were resold to a TV production company.
So in the next few months between now and November–I predict more trailers will be released, each one revealing more of the storyline. I even suspect Mangold may recut the film according to feedback on the trailers “A little more Enzo here, a little more Charlie Agaipou there…”
I even predict a big move upward in value for genuine CSX2000 series and CSX3000 series Cobra values and likewise, genuine GT40s. Ferrari prototypes with documented LeMans histories are already up there. If this movie is boffo at the box office, all ships will rise.
And by the way Disney has been raking in beaucoup cash on a new Star Wars theme park and I can even see, if this movie pulls in, say $500 million, a LeMans type park being built at Disneyland. Let’s see, a little village using the sets built for the movie, where you–the tourist–can select your race car and pull on your stringback driving gloves and….

I'm not sure how you determined RUSH "tanked". It earned $26.9 million in domestic box office, $71.3 million in international box office, with a worldwide gross of $98.2 million against a budget of $38 million.

Rick Muck- Mark IV

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I'm not sure how you determined RUSH "tanked". It earned $26.9 million in domestic box office, $71.3 million in international box office, with a worldwide gross of $98.2 million against a budget of $38 million.
The way accounting is done in Hollywood that will be a 20 million dollar "loser" for the investors while everyone else walks away with cash in their jeans!