Kudos to Bill Andrews at HRE


As some know from other posts, I had to replace my CAV fuel cell. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif Of great help was Bill Andrews at HRE who not only had a new cell at my door in 3 days but also talked me through the "interesting process" in removing the old one and the "even more interesting process" installing the new one. (I felt like I was trying to birth a calf!) /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif The 40 is now operational and many, many thanks to Bill.
Can you briefly summarize the process. I was specifically wondering what are the minimal parts of the front uprights that must be removed to get the cell out/in.
No doubt! My same experience with Bill and his staff, even though he was not my selling dealer. They are first rate folks, providing first rate service! Glad you are back on the road now! Enjoy. Sounds like you have that car about fully sorted now!

Take care,


Hi Gary,
I replaced the right cell. Bill indicated that the different sides may require a different approach. I was able to remove the front wheel, the disk and caliper to do both the installation and the replacement. The real headache is the rear tubes to the fuel pump and fuel injection return hanging up on the frame cross beams on the top of the cell cavity. I had to finesse those with a broom handle and a canoe paddle as to not bend anything or mess up the fuel pick up. I did put a gentle arch in the new cell to clear the front spindle. Once I was able bend those over in a safe direction, I just kept tapping the cell with the heel of my hand and working the paddle and broomstick. It is a lot like being a proctologist. In that regard, I pre-lubed the cell cavity with WD40 to ease the new cell into place.

Hope that helps.