KVA Type C Mk1 Build Log 943motorsport.


Thanks for that , sides did bulge a bit, had one pin hole in each tank, one at the end of a weld where i cleaned the tip and the other at a corner which seemed to have a bit of contamination, ground it out then re welded and seemed fine. fitted now so one step further on, still not had the courage to start engine for the first time but will need to bite the bullet soon, just need to get all my gauges working before i do it.

Robin, you have been doing some hard work on the old girl, looking really good, well done. Best of luck with the engine start up, always a decisive moment, and pretty scary.
Thanks Murray. Its getting there. Engine up and running. sounds superb. Taken a lot longer than expected but had a couple of prolonged holdup with other commitments and a change of job but started on it a couple of months ago and need to finish for March as have to build a horsebox for the start of the season. Changed over to electronic mappable ignition and a variable speed electric water pump so changes to wiring loom were interesting. Engine has had a complete strip down and rebuild with different cam etc etc.

Will drop you a post when it is finished if you are up this way anytime.

Hope all is well

Well think this is possibly my 4th version , Think I will stick with this, rough fit at the moment and panels to clean up but think it will be ok. can remove the front panel to access the filler hose and this is also sealed from the interior so hopefully ok for the IVA


:laugh: Robin, sounds awesome!! Good job, what sort of power are you looking at from the engine, and when do you expect to be finished for IVA?
A Happy New Year to you and yours, all the best for 2014.