Looking for Hartwell or similar type body latches.

The only Hartwell reproduction manufacturer that I know of in the U.S. (RCR) is currently out of them. The one in the U.K. Tornado said they had them but have not responded back. Does anyone know someone else that make these reproductions or a different type of latch that look good? Thank you

Andy Sheldon

Tornado Sports Cars
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We are making a batch at the moment. If you would like to order please send me an email at Tornado.




Mortified GT Asylum
Rick, do you know if the Hartwells from Fran Kress has the raised Press letters?

Charlie Farley

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I make exactly correct Hartwells, as modified for FAV back in the day. Even down to the raised lettering with the ' crooked R '.
Used over the last few years on more than several restorations of original chassis and several current historic race car teams.
Adrian Newey's car had them refitted several years ago. Contact is either by PM here, or via the website ; www.gt40goldparts.com