Looking for nice pictures of garages

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Howard Jones

Here's how my garage/shop came out.


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Brian Kissel

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Looks very nice Howard. I don't see a lot of room for the trailer however. Has the plan changed or regulations lifted a little. Currently, we do not have to have our trailers garaged. The biggest town near me has about 700 people, so things are a little more relaxed. I like that a lot. I'm hoping to build a 48 X 44 addition to my current shop in 2019. I enjoy seeing what every one is doing.

Regards Brian


Howard Jones

No trailer in shop. I wanted the space and it was a very tight back in the spot evolution. I keep it at a storage facility about 10 mins away.

Steven Lobel

My build is on hold with a relocation at end of month. That means time to redo my garage layout. Was using Wall Control panels but had them 1-2 wide and 2 tall. Going to have 8 panels all next to each other for a tool wall. Then I will have my locking cabinets above my wall mounted bins.
Looking to go with epoxy in plain color with light texture. My current heavy flake makes it much harder to clean and spot dropped nuts/washers. Sticking with Bendpak and made room for a 168" tall XPR10-AS in the center bay with 220 wired above it. Thoughts and suggestions appreciated.



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Howard Jones

Paint everything white. Walls and ceiling interior shelves etc. Huge difference in lighting efficiency over light brown for example. You are correct on the floor. Those little flakes look cool but are a bitch to live with. Can't find anything smaller that a 1/2" size bolt on it. I worked in a Electronic shop that was going to use them and I nexed that idea because of that very problem. Small parts on the floor stayed there until it got swept and then everything got thrown away. Big waste of money.

I had that shop floor and office (7500+ sq /ft) done in the very light color grey with no flakes. Worked very well for years. I should have had my home shop garage done the same way but I didn't too try and control costs, It got a bit crazy and I had to cut something. I wish I hadn't now...……………….. Nice looking building.

Wire for 220 single phase a couple of places along the walls. Welder, mill, lathe, air compressor etc.

I used roll up doors. That's where the budget got blown, but I'm really happy I did. No overhead interference from the garage doors when opened. Really great. I love them.

I recommend all LED lighting. A bit more money but I haven't changed a bulb yet. Going on 3 years.
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I'll second everything that Howard said. A bright plain floor finish makes a big difference in the overall brightness in the work area and it minimizes the time spent crawling around on hands and knees looking for small parts that were dropped on the floor. If I were to do everything over, I would use LEDs but the high efficiency "daylight" flourescents have worked well. Rather than a garage or overhead door, I specified a sliding "barn" door. It requires only a tiny space when it is rolled open. You can see how it looks in the photos.


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Eric B


Thought I would drop a picture of 1/3 of my garage. The rest looks like this.

My GT40 will reside at my warehouse, and I will install a lift here for that. Probably will move cars to the warehouse from the house.


Dan Kasten

Here is a pic of my shop (2/3) nothing fancy yet but wife wants work done on the house first. The other 2 bays you don't see are the work area and tools.
Shop pic.jpg
Here is how mine turned out and I am still not done


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