LS1 Complete Engine, Harness, MAF, Pedal, etc.

LS1 Complete Engine:
'98 LS1 Corvette Engine with 67k miles (VIN #1G1YY22G9W5127352) Complete with every accesory plus gas pedal, TAC module and MAF sensor. Also on ebay right now #270553496653 (pictures on ebay). The price is $2,300 - shipping would be the responsibility of the buyer.

Items Included:
1) Complete Engine
2) Complete Wiring Harness
3) PCM (computer)
4) A/C Compressor (and ALL lines)
5) Water Pump
6) Alternator
7) Steering Pump (and resoviour)
8) Motor Mounts Pedestals and Rubber Mounts
9) Mass Air Flow (Stock w/ Screen)
10) Complete Exhaust Manifolds w/ O2 Sensors
11) Corvette Drive-by-Wire Gas pedal Assembly
12) TAC (Throttle Control Box that connects to Gas Pedal)
13) Engine Covers in "NEW" Condition!