M6B Tragic

Thanks for the compliments Leon and ditto to your build also. It's magnificent.
I also want to thank you and Andrew for your responses on my Distributor issues. It has got me thinking, and one of the critical targets of this build was to have a strong reliable car that at the end of the track day I can come home and give it a clean and a service and park it up ready for the next outing. I didn't want something fragile and temperamental that I'm constantly fiddling with.
So, after reading your feedback and having a long chat with my One Man Technical Advisory Committee ( Clayton ) I have decide to look hard for somewhere to cram 8 coil packs and start pulling it apart. It's the way I should have done it to start with, but "Oh No", I had to have that authentic Magneto look.
I will still have the look by stripping the dizzy bare and have it sitting there doing nothing.
Plus a very nicely tuned engine.
You win Clayton, I should have done it to start with. Hindsight, Hey? Now, to find some space.
I look forward to seeing how you jump this hurdle. Not something I had to worry about with Old School injection and to be honest, Thank goodness because I have NO skill when it comes to electrical wizardry.

Cheers Leon
Hi Udo,

Thanks for the update - sounds good. Out of interest, what approach are you planning to take to get an accurate engine position signal for coil near plug ignition.

Cheers, Andrew


Hi Andrew
I’ll jump in for Udo, we used the EFI connection kit that is also marketed under the Chevy Performance banner.
It uses the LS crank and cam sensors in a custom front cover to suit the 572.
The injection is already setup for sequential fire and will now use batch fire on the coils (only 4 outputs from the Haltech 950)
Have a look at post # 135-137 for pictures of it fitted.