M6B Tragic

Yeah Udo your Kinda right. We call the first Trailer the "lead" then the 2nd is the "A" and the last Is the "Dog" Its all about Axle combos If you look at that Last Cattle truck set up thats a 53mtr std "Quad" and has 7 axle groups we run "Super Quads" which Have 8 Axle groups and 60mtrs Long we also run Quinns (5 trailers) but still only 60mtrs, The weight you can carry is set by the number of axles in a "Group" ours are all 3axle groups but they do 4 axle groups as well and these are called "Mega Quads" and run 225tons loaded.
For those who are interested I could start a section about these monsters I have heaps of photos and some of the oversize loads I see on the highway every day are amazing. The standard for Aussie is the "Tripple" Road train, the Quads are only seen in the Northern Territory and Western Australia.
A small update from today on Udo’s behalf.
Lots of jobs have been done in the past 5 months, will let Udo detail them.
Today the body clips were finished and fitted in paint for the first time :cool:
Had to fire it up again because, just because we can… :D



Absolument FORMIDABLE !!!!
Bravissimo to"Udo team"!!!!!
Clayton you can congratulate Udo when you meet him again ; for this absolutly excellent built :D( and of course you for your friend help ..... ;)
Absolument FORMIDABLE !!!!
Bravissimo to"Udo team"!!!!!
Clayton you can congratulate Udo when you meet him again ; for this absolutly excellent built :D( and of course you for your friend help ..... ;)
Thanks Michel
Most certainly will.
The next thing is to get her dyno tuned, which is easier said then done up here…

Back again, next stage, The Dyno. Took a while to settle on a Dyno we were confident with his knowledge on Haltech and knew what he was doing. Also one of the guys said you can't use Slicks on a Dyno, but I think that means the type of slicks they use on Drag cars with no side wall support, don't know, but we had no problems. So, stripped off all body work, and onto the trailer.
Everything went smoothly, he wasn't happy we weren't using a MAP sensor, but all went well. Ended up with 569.0 RWHP and 424.3 KW torque @ between 3,500 and 5,000 RPM. We could only rev it out in 4th gear, because his Dyno is limited to 240KPH. I am very happy with this. Clayton was there taking command and reckons that's a good result on hopefully an unstressed reliable engine.
Next stage, oil and filter change, on with new slicks and down to the track. ( Gulp )


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Hi Guys, It's been a while, but I've pretty well renovated just about every room in the house, so I've been busy, but not on the car.
Anyway, I trailer-ed it out on Clayton's trailer to a private airstrip near a place called Noonamah because you can't get a private practice day at the local Hidden Valley race track now that it's CAMS affiliated. It performed flawlessly, the shockers just needed a bit of stiffening up in both directions.
I had to put up with a lot of stone chips though. Unfortunately I didn't get many photos, but there is a test and tune day coming up on the 17th of November, so we'll see how that goes and try to get better pics. Many thanks to Clayton for all his help.
Andy, I have to say you are doing a fantastic job, love the welding.


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Looks and sounds wonderful! Glad you are easing into it with your shake-down runs in a controlled environment!

It most certainly does, Udo has done a fantastic job. Sounds much better in the flesh as well.
MKT was the best we could arrange at the time until there was track time available.
Had to keep an ear on the radio for inbound aircraft :oops:
Funny enough there was a solar car testing on the same day…