Marchal 653 Driving Lights

Looking to adjust my Marchal driving lights, as the OS one seems to be more of an aircraft landing light than a driving light.
These are both bolted straight on to the lower light box in the nose clip by 2 bolts.

How have you guys adjusted yours?

Brian Stewart
I fashioned an aluminium spacer that ran from bolt to bolt and across the top of the light (between the lens and the inside of the light box). Only needed a half a millimetre thickness to give enough tilt up, and worked well. Same would apply across the bottom if tilt down needed. Just make thickness to suit.
Are your lights mounted from the front, or from the rear?
It appears that mine were mounted from the rear, which doesn’t have a flat surface.
I have just tried a few things out and need to pack the bottom out by 8mm!
I would like to fit some form of adjustment, rather than a fixed plate (plus an 8mm plate is rather a lot).
I will have to give it some thought