Mark's GT-R Build

I have been reading about all of the SLC builds for months and watched many of Allan's videos, so I finally decided to go ahead and contact RCR to order a Superlite SLC. I met with Fran last week and had a great tour. After showing me all of the ins and outs of the SLC, he suggested just looking at the new GT-R. I had all of the intentions in the world of ordering an SLC, but the GT-R was too tempting. I want to build a really nice street car, for show and go. Probably will take it on the Power Tour. The GT-R seemed to fit the vision. I understand that I am order #10.

I have been working on my shop for about a year getting it like I want it. Still not done. I bought a commercial condo in a business park. I am adding a bar area now, but the photos show the shop and some of my cars. I recently added the Big Ass Fan. I live in Naples Florida and it can get hot. AC is going in also as I write this. I added a small crane and "I" beam because I work there mostly by myself and need to lift things, and wanted to use the "loft" area for storage of parts when I will not be using them.

The GT-R will not arrive until February, but I have some things I can work on preparing. I will have a few questions and really appreciate the generosity of the forum members. I would never attempt this without your help. I hope to document the build as I go to give back to the group, especially since this GT-R is new and may have a few differences from the SLC.


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The crane that I mentioned works great for getting the top off the Jeep and lifting parts up to the "loft" by myself. Should work for lifting tires and body parts not needed in the early portion of the build. The area under the loft is the "Car Bar." I have a few big screen TV's, kitchen, bathroom and a Rocking Stereo set up. After the bar, just need the GT-R.


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we have multiples ..
two guys are flying in from Sweden tomorrow to check out their cars, one shipping to Ed later this week early next
My personal orange car is here too.

Come on by :thumbsup:

Randy V

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Sweet little shop you have there!

I'm loving the ceiling fan and trolley!!
Hi Mark,

I've been looking forward to the day when someone here announces that they're going to build and document a GT-R. Nice build space. Looks almost too nice to clutter up with a car build. Enjoy!

Mark, love your build space. I am also looking forward to the journey, #9 coming to me. Never done anything like this so will be leaning on the forum and Fran.
Thanks for the welcome. The members of this forum are amazing! The members contributions in sharing information really made me feel that a build was possible, even though I have never attempted this kind of project. I hope that I can contribute like those that preceded me.

Michael: I have followed your build from the beginning and your custom modifications have been incredible.

Mike B: Sounds like we are in the same boat. I am planning a street car with a KaTech LS3, but would like injection stacks and remote coils to look more like a traditional GT. Should be around 550hp, running thru a Graziano transaxle. I have a KaTech LS7 in my Z06 and it sounds AWESOME and has ridiculous reliable power. You are a little ahead of me so I look forward to hearing of your progress.

All I can do is gather info at this point, but have many questions that I thank the forum for helping me find the answers.
I took a few photos at RCR when I was there ordering my car, and thought they might be interesting for some members to see. The car looks AWESOME!!!! The interior is HUGE! The details in getting the body "fit" are very impressive.


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The Big Ass Fan I ordered from Home Depot online. This thing is like a helicopter running in your shop. Moves air like crazy. Not cheap, but is the best for keeping cool and moving air.

Howard Jones

Thanks anyway Ken. I like those BAF's for my new shop. 45X30X14. I am really thinking AC but if the fan will work maybe I could delete AC from plans.
Howard: Although the Big Ass Fan will help, it still only moves the air you have in the shop and doesn't change the temp (it only feels cooler on the skin). If you are talking about your Texas shop, A/C is really the only viable solution in the summer months (July-Sept) if you spend a lot of time in the shop. (I know - I don't have A/C). The price of the Big Ass Fans is about 1/3 the cost of A/C, depending on the size of the shop (those fans are expensive) and they work great but can only do so much to cool the shop.