Mark's GT-R Build

H wow that is heart breaking my thoughts and prayers go out to Mark's family. H do you know what Mark was battling with maybe we can make donations in Mark's name.
Wow, I'm totally gutted. I'd spoken with Mark a few times while building my SLC and he was great part of this community. My condolences to his family.

Your car is really progressing nicely. That intake manifold is sweet!
I noticed your exhaust jig pictures and wanted to let you know that I am having some rear bumpers made up in fiberglass for the GT-R. IMHO,
it makes the rear of the car look much more finished and the tailpipes lay out nicer after making the hard turn around the rear of the Graziano. The bumper will look exactly like the production GT bumper except that the top has been extended so that there is not a giant gap between the bumper and the car.
Shoot me an email if you are interested. [email protected]

How much would a piece like that run me

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I’m not sure how I missed these notes on Mark’s thread..... What a Terrible loss...
My prayers for his family and the community...
The brake calipers are removed and packaged up getting ready to go off to the power coater. I am looking to have them coated in red with Brembo labels added, then clear coated.

Great idea!
Having done two of these , I can respect the idea of knowing Exactly where the nose is supposed to be before you correct the splitter location. Make sure that the nose is actually where it should be BEFORE you start. I made the mistake of assuming that the body was mounted correctly on my customer's car and had to add a small bit of glass back to the bottom once I corrected it. On my car, the body was so far off ( the nose had to be raised 1" to get the fenders to line up with the doors for one example. The left side rocker was attached over 1/2" too far away from the tub, at the front, for another . It goes on and on and on ) that I didn't have to trim the front very much to get it into position once the nose was mounted correctly.

Also , I have an alternate method of modifying the splitter than what H has done. I can email you pics of the process if you would like?

Could I get pictures of this process as well?