Mason’s Build: Superlite SLC

How do you guys fit tall engines into the low rear window of the SLC? My air intake will not fit with the BMW V10. Dani's build just tossed the intake and went straight up ITBs, but I would like to keep the intake and filters on mine.

I decided to 3d scan the BMW V10 engine that I'm preparing for my SLC, mainly to plan the packaging in the rear of the car. Here are some renders of the engine.


Here's a render of it stuck into the chassis. Tight fit! I will need to create a chassis bridge over the front of the engine (like Dani's v10) and either make a slim custom intake plenum that fits under the rear clam.... or customize the clam for the hump.

Side bar: what type of equipment are you using for the scans and how much touch up did you do? Those look really good.
Side bar: what type of equipment are you using for the scans and how much touch up did you do? Those look really good.

Alan, I'm using the Artec Leo which is a portable hand held 3D scanner that is available for $23K. My work uses many different types of 3d scanners and this one is the best handheld scanner that doesn't require adding markers to an object.

The scanner struggles with very reflective or very dark surfaces, and that's why you see some holes in the engine scan. For the headers I treated the part with SDK S2 developer spray, which drys to a white powder on the surface and helps provide a better scan.

Post processing was done using Artec Studio, mostly using AutoPilot settings for alignment/outlier removal/scan fusion/decimation.

I did some more decimation and clean up in Pixologic Zbrush software (This is where the screenshots are from).

The engine was assembled in Autodesk Maya.

Scan capture time: 1 hr
Scan Processing: 2 hrs (Mostly waiting for a dog slow machine)
Scan Clean up and assembly: 30 mins
Rick Hayes at the Packaging Store in Roanoke, VA has built a large crate for my SLC parts and they should be heading my way next week! I've had to deal with flakey shippers (avoid UShip) and multiple business travel schedules and weather delays to get this far, so fingers crossed the whole package hits the road next week.



Also tooks some Photometric measurements from Dani's build to plan for the chassis mods needed to fit the engine.

I was hoping you would say you did it with an Xbox kinetic or something else affordable. Our 3D scanning equipment at work is for structures, Doesn’t work well on small stuff.
Alan, I'm using the Artec Leo which is a portable hand held 3D scanner that is available for $23K.

The guy who first tried to scan my car (Mike) now has a hand held device. He says it works much better than the previous machine he used. But, have not tried to rescan my car yet. And I'm still trying to get something going on my wheel fan project. Maybe this new scanner will do the trick.

Have you talked to Danny about his project? I have interest in the V10 for a different car project. Will be interested in what you learn, particularly in the engine management department.
Mason, I'm envious of your skills! No doubt the modeling will help make things fit without manually fitting it. I'm enjoying following the build, looks like it's getting to close to being in your possession! Shipping does kinda suck, well the waiting for it to ship and to make it to your house does, lol.
Thanks Mason.
I looked up these guys before, they don't seem to offer the right things for what I'm after.
She is finally home! It was a full day to retrieve the SLC from UPS freight and included some precarious balancing with three forklifts to get the crate on our trailer. We disassembled the crates and it took 4 men to get the center chassis onto dollies to roll into the garage.

First order of business was to wash the kit, it had been sitting outside and collected a lot of dirt. I started the inventory process, but have more boxes to explore. I also started removing the adhesive residue from tape that was applied in 2014.

I'm thinking the next step for the SLC would be getting her suspension re-installed and get the chassis rolling again. The previous owner hard-anodized the entire suspension and it is all sitting in multiple boxes of parts at the moment.

So excited to finally see an SLC in my very own garage!

I've considered mounting an old set of C6 wheels up on mine for kicks, always curious how that style of wheel would look on the SLC. I like, may be worth widening the rears to fit the 325s.

Congrats and now the work begins!

Cody F

Congrats! It's in pieces and still looks great in the garage! Looking forward to following your progress.

Howard Jones

I have three sets. I have been buying them on ebay and craigslist as I found them. One set had R6 Hoosiers mounted on them and I have been using them up until now. + 12 track days and still good. I paid $500T for them. The second set also had a set of Hoosiers on them and are in better condition than the 1st ones $450 for them. The third set were bare and cost $400. All 3 are OEM GM wheels. Beware of aftermarket look alikes. Some are very poor quality cast POS's.

Here's a set with usable tires on them for a fair price.

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Speaking of rims, the C6 Base corvette rims do NOT fit the SLC, there is not enough offset for the calipers. These were provided by the seller, so I assumed that they belonged with the kit, but apparently they do not.

Now it's time to go shopping for some wheels!