Michael's GT-R Build

Michael Hampson

Another pic after inserting aluminum pieces but before any fiberglass work.
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Michael Hampson

Hi Larry;

Sure, let me know when you are ready. I borrowed a set from H, but ended up sending them to some other folks who were ready for them before I was. But before I sent them, I traced them onto a piece of aluminum, just in case they got lost or something. When I was ready, I went ahead and cut my set out and used them instead of waiting or rushing the guys who were using them. So, now there are two sets floating around. I am happy to let you borrow mine. Anyone else can as well, I just ask that you don't beat them with a hammer and mushroom the tabs, and clean them up when you are done (can be a little time consuming!)

I sure do. After six weeks of fighting the body fitment, I removed everything and started from scratch. Found out where my interference problems were and after rectifying that, it started to go together much better. Working on the rear clam now. You are doing the right thing by fitting your body first. If I built another one that is the first thing I would do after checking the suspension and aligning the suspension. It is much easier to make corrections without all the other stuff in the way. I need to update my build blog.

Michael Hampson

I wish so much I could quit and work on this full time! It is so much fun! I am a small business owner, so I have been taking some liberties with hours when I can, but ultimately, I have another five years or so before I'll be able to stop working full time!

Fitment issues I think are a guarantee, unfortunately. I don't think RCR did a bad job at all. It's just that without a large scale production, you just cannot get every chassis and body part perfect. I think I have the spider and front clip where I need them. Final spider adjustments in process now - just have to move the driver side back 3/16", which affects the doors, and the rear clip, etc.

Michael Hampson

The lower valance work. With the splitter modifications, the fiberglass piece between the valence and the splitter no longer fit, so I flanged the valence to give it a place to fasten to the splitter.
2019-09-12 18.45.07.jpg

2019-09-12 18.45.12.jpg

Also, added a support for the inner fender along the hood edge, since the hood has been cut out. 1/8" 6061 sheet. I made a template out of 1/4" foam board and traced it onto the sheet for cutting. Increase in support is perfect.

2019-09-12 18.54.13.jpg

Michael Hampson

Made some eyeball sockets today. Unfortunately, these dang Li-Ion batteries stop so fast, when I finished the last hole and released the trigger, the hole saw spun off of the arbor and banged around the headlamp recess for a little while! Nothing a little filler won't fix I guess...

Also installed the emergency brakes (e-brake kit from RCR.) Like others, am putting the holes for the bolts that mount the e-brake into the meat of the hub, so that means adding a 3/8" or so bushing to the bracket so that the brake will align properly with the rotor. Sorry I didn't take better pics of that. A lot of others on the forum though.
2019-09-22 12.07.31.jpg

Then bent a couple of pipes with my new bender (won't be parking in the garage for a little while), and have some coolant lines now. I am learning a lot. Like don't lubricate the bender die. The second piece has wrinkles in the inner bend because of this. I will re-do that piece when I get more 1.5" pipe from McMaster-Carr. First attempt using a bender though, and I am proud I don't have nothing but a a bunch of scrap left over!
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