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Larry L.

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...I got a phone call from my OWN phone number claiming they were the IRS and were going to arrest and sue me if I did wire them money via Western Union within 6 hours...

Ditto - and I'd bet the farm just about everyone here has received a similar call from their own number as well at one time or another! I've received at least a dozen different types of scam calls from mine.

I told the person on the other end that I wanted proof that they were the IRS. Tell me what my Social Security Number is? They could/would not.

I chose to call back using my FAX number (I blocked it first, of course). My opening line to the "IRS agent" ('guy with a heavy Indonesian[?] accent who said he was IRS Special Agent "Jason Crawford" - or some other 'Mericun'-sounding alias) was: "So, how's the weather over there in Indonesia, Somalia, Bangladesh or whatever other 'swill hole' you're calling from this morning, Con Man? By the way, would you please tell the rest of your cohorts in the boiler room to keep it down a bit? I can barely hear you"...and things quickly when downhill from there. 'Was only a few moments before the "IRS Agent" dropped his phony act completely and insisted that I ...uh...commit a physically impossible act upon myself. Whereupon I replied, "You know, back in the day, J. Edgar would have canned your sorry butt instantly if he'd heard you talk that way, Dirtbag"...then I immediately blew an extremely shrill whistle in his ear and hung up.

I seriously doubt the fool even knew who Hoover was.