GT40 9-hole Grille Set – Gulf Le-Mans Style

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As covered in my build log, this is a replica of the grille set used on the Gulf spec ‘40’s. They are designed to fit the replica bodies from Tornado, Southern GT, GTD, KVA, GT Forte etc using a Mk1 style rear deck, however there’s no reason why they won’t fit a genuine ‘40

Laser cut from 1.5mm 1050 grade aluminium, they are then pressed using a CNC’d press tool to give the correct and consistent rolled edge on the openings. All mounting holes (4mm) have also been laser cut for accuracy, ready to be either riveted or screwed on. Final finish is your discretion; natural, brushed, polished or painted

I’m looking a £80/set plus shipping for the upper and 2 lower panels. I can also do the lower panels as a perimeter frames suitable a simple mesh if required for the same price

(based in Norfolk, UK, but will post anywhere)


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They look superb, like the rolled edges and the black mesh (I've been looking for ones with rolled edge holes for a while, was going to do my own, but...) , put me down for a set of three with a brushed finish.

AndyS, take a leaf out of AndyG's book and get good quality pix on the Tornado website; CBS do so well because they have images and good descriptions on many items, when you are building a thing of beauty, you shop for parts with your eyes!

Your site suffers from having virtually no pix.

Hi Tom,
I prefer to sell them as a set, with the option on the lower panels. Shipping the 3 pieces together means there’s also less likely to be any transit damage, which would be my biggest worry

Hi Andy S
I’ve re-checked Ron’s rules for this section and I don’t believe any have been breached. I’m not a vendor in your respect, i.e. trying to make a living out of our hobby, I’m only trying to recoup some of my investment and offer some good quality parts at a sensible price to those that may be interested.

Hi Keith,
Thanks for the complements. Final finish is up to you, but I can tell you have to get a similar brushed finish

PM with any orders and I can take cash, personal cheques (UK) and PayPal


Andy Sheldon

Tornado Sports Cars
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Rule 3 d. I am sure Ron will sort it out one way or the other.


Pictures are there if you look


Andy S, does have a point. It does say what it says. I will take it up with Ron.

FWIW, my personal viewpoint. Andy G is not a company, nor is he mass producing them, he as he states, says he will do some for some people. I see no difference to this compared to say Paul Walton who had a load of alternator mounts cast and then sold off the ones that he didn't need because of mnimum requirements. He is being honest saying he can make a few; he could have turned round and said he had 5 spare from when he was making them up. Just my $0.02; but at a moderator level, as I said I will consult with Ron and Randy to see what they think
OK, suggested amendment to Rule 3(d), "..... for an individual to sell items in the garage section you have to be at least a Bronze Supporter", that way we all win. If someone offers (in their spare time) to make me a few bits at a reasonable price surely that is part of the raison d'etre of the forum.

If not then the same restrictions can be extended to information, if you limit the sharing of physical items (at a cost), then is the sharing of information next on the hit list?

Only my opinion, I have no axe to grind,... my vents are already booked :thumbsup:

Well I'm now a paid up Bronze Supporter, so I can't be accused of trying to buck the system and I believe it’s fair that if you want to advertise on here, you should be a forum supporter, regardless of what the rules currently say

Anyway what is this rule 3d which I may or may not have breached, as I can’t find it

Thanks Keith,
Therefore as it stands, anyone who advertises anything in this section (even if FOC) is in breach of Rule 3d, regardless to the separate rules fro this sub-section

Hi again Andy

I'm choosing my word carefully here,....let it be known, that without gentlemen (and women) like you who give up part of there free time to openly share knowledge, give help and guide others, there would be no forum; speaking for myself, I really appreciate your guidance and that of others, thank you all.

To show my appreciation to the facilitators of the forum that allow me to 'connect' to folk like you Andy, I too signed up to be a Bronze Supporter.

Keep up the good work.


Ron Earp

Guys, someone sent me a PM about this thread and asked for clarification.

The "Garage Sale" area is not for someone producing serial parts. The garage sale is precisely that, you've got one of something and need to get rid of it so you offer it up for sale. I've sold parts here that have come from my cars and it is a wonderful way to move parts on and clean out your storage area.

However, the Garage Sale section was never intended to be used by vendors. The "Garage Sale" subforum is completely free, does not require supporter status, and is for use by non-vendors on who do not serially produce parts.

I added a rule "0." to clear that up in the rules post of the Garage Sale subforum.
Hi Ron,

Thanks for clarification. I’m selling my surplus parts after getting a batch made to get a decent rate from the laser cutter. In exactly the same manner that Paul Thompson (Administrator Status) had previously sold steering wheel badges in this section, which I presume was surplus to his needs.

From the point of view of someone in Andy's position if the garage sale isn't the place for it where *do* you sell the surplice of a small one off run (either due to MOQ or trying to reduce the one-off costs)?

There is little point in vendor status as the cost is more than you'd 'make' and it's a one off so you won't be repeating the 'run' to make it back later. At the same time it's a bit more than an extra part left over so doesn't fit in the garage sale.

IMO such things are better 'on' forum than on ebay and I'd agree that there should be some payment, maybe there is call for a sub forum of 'small runs of parts' restricted to paying members only to start posts with a rule of no companies.
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