Ford GT40 9-hole Grille – Le-Mans Style

Hi all,
Following on from a couple of requests from forum members, I’ve done a few more grille sets. See link below to original posting.

They are as before, but the peripheral fixing holes have been removed, as people want the option drill their own. Supplied with a brushed finish, the price is as before (£80 for the upper and 2 lower panels), with shipping worldwide



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Mark Charlton

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I received my set and while I haven't fitted them yet, they look absolutely great. Thanks Alex!

G'day Andy,

These arrived at my Grandmother's place a week or more ago. Unfortunately it arrived a day or two before her Birthday and she opened it thinking it was for her. She then rang my Auntie and said she'd received something resembling a photo frame. Hahaha. I really should have rang her, but completely forgot. Whoops...

Thanks for doing this. I can't wait to fit it.