Must have tools for garage


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I have always liked tools. I have been buying tools for 55 years + -

About 15 years ago I build a 30' x 50' shop so when I retired I would have a place to play. Later I added 20' x 30' onto the back of the shop. A few years later I add a 18' x 50' canopy over the front. Nice place to park my car when it rains or in the shade.
I have a buddy in the A C business that installed a used 3 1/2 ton package unit. So the front of the shop has cool air. I use propane heat in the winter.

I have racks for tools, lots of tables. A couple of welding tables. Smitty lathe and milling machine. Table saw, radial arm saw, engine lifts, two post lift, 50 plus screw drivers, (I'm a retired electrician) more than 15 hammers, View attachment 93805
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bench grinders, mig, tig, stick welders, acetylene rig I bought in 1971. The stick welder I bought in 1970. Sheetmetal break & pan box. etc. etc.
I love tools.

So here is a few pictures of my tools and shop.

Please post your pictures of your garage or shop. I might see something I need to build or buy.


RCR GT 40 Gulf Livery 347 Eight Stack injection
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Nice neighborhood and no outside windows. Motion activated lights. Special door locks. In 15 years I have never had a problem.

Larry L.

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Nice neighborhood and no outside windows...In 15 years I have never had a problem.
I believe you. Most people living in nice neighborhoods have never had a problem...prior to having one. "An ounce of prevention" and all that. Besides, most insurance companies will provide a discount on premiums for homes/properties that have a monitored security/fire alarm system.
'Just something to consider.

Personally, I wouldn't be w/o one...and I live in a "nice neighborhood". ;)
We live in a relatively rural area here in the desert in Diamond Bell Ranch so there are no really close neighbors to complain about things like noise, no HOA to worry about, either. Fifteen years ago we had a contractor build a workshop to our own design right next to our house so it would be convenient & easily accessible. The first floor is the shop (with a large sliding door) and a guest bedroom and upstairs in a loft is my wife's sewing room and exercise area. A pair of Klipsch La Scala speakers are mounted on one wall to provide some music while I'm working. Chet Baker is currently playing on the stereo. :cool:
Other than a drill press and a belt sander I don't have much in the way of machine tools but I do have lots of hand & power tools. I must say that the 4"belt sander is one of the most useful things that I have. With a 3M Cubitron II oriented ceramic abrasive belt it cuts steel, aluminum, and even titanium nicely. Here are a few pictures of the shop area.


Howard, I certainly agree with your recommendation of a Saws-All. Mine is a Makita that I found when a renter moved out. Cheap at half the price.. :p

Bill Kearley

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A compressor is handy to have in the shop. I have a sweet open to below that gets used now and then. Just remember to shut the compressor of at the end of the day when you have a guest !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I mounted my compressor outside on a small concrete pad to isolate its noise but I never thought about its turning on in the middle of the night when guests were sleeping. I'll remember to turn it off now- thanks, Bill.
I try and turn my compressor off and open the drain tap on the bottom of the tank to purge the condensation out of it whenever i have finished for the day.
I use my angle die grinder with a sanding disc all the time this has been a great addition.
A shrinker stretcher is also very cool , I have a heavy-duty 16ga capacity one and a two headed 18ga capacity both on stands and foot operated . You can make some very useful curves .
Must have Milwaukee cordless impacts, wratches and grinders. As soon as I finish getting the crop seeded I am heading straight to my Milwaukee dealer to buy the cordless impact wrench and the grinder. The impacts are AMAZING. Was changing shanks on a seeder by hand with a 3' pipe on a 2' snipe to crack the mounting bolts loose...along comes bro in law with a 1/2 cordless Milw impact...knocked those things off w/o a sweat...effortlessly. Far more torque than my old Snap on air impact.