Nemesis 2 Tandem


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Its a little over 100lbs heavier and you will be able to see the Tandem on the website in a few weeks time....
We have already had a great response from the customers that have been to the shop and sat in the chassis...
There are already some units presold....

I am also working with APR to have a specific performance package for the Nemesis family of cars
Hi Fran,

The site seems to only still have the original single seater non-tandem shown. Any ETA for the Nemesis T on there?

And lists parts for engines, but no engine package - any recommendations for an engine and transmission prep'd and ready to go from a source (so no donor route).

If you have a price list/form for the Nemesis T, and prefer email vs. forum for that info, you can email me at hakalugi (at)

Tyson, the Audi 7 speed longitudinal DSG is used in many of the Audi models (essentially all of the longitudinal ones) such as the A4, A5, A6, A8, Q5 and others. The A3 and TT use the transverse DSG.

The issue is that Audi only makes a Quattro version (AWD) not a 2wd version. I have read that they are working on 2wd version. I am sure you can convert the Quattro box to 2wd as you can with other Audi boxes but in many cases, it weakens them considerably.

Also, I am not sure anyone makes a stand alone TCU (computer) for this application since it isn't a common swap.

We are working on it though as I really want a DSG option for the Nemesis platform, specially our LMP2 race car (and Apex now as well). If it is possible, we will make it happen. The only issue is that is needs to be possible and somewhat economical for other people to want to do it.

We will keep everyone posted though. :thumbsup:
Pat, I saw in another thread you're installing a sequential in the LMP2. Did fitting an Audi/VW DSG prove more work than it was worth on this platform, or are you still looking into it for the street-oriented Nemesis?
Pat, I saw in another thread you're installing a sequential in the LMP2. Did fitting an Audi/VW DSG prove more work than it was worth on this platform, or are you still looking into it for the street-oriented Nemesis?
John, I would love to install a DSG in our cars but to my knowledge, one doesn't exist yet. We need a 2wd longitudinal version. They have a Quattro longitudinal DSG and a traverse 2wd DSG but that's not what we need. It may be possible to convert a Quattro box to 2wd but I know that severely weakens the manual transaxles so I presume it would also be an issue with the S-tronic (Audi's name for the DSG) as well.

Supposedly a 7 speed longitudinal DSG 2wd transaxle is coming in the future but I haven't seen it yet. If and when it does, we will definitely get one to see if we can make work.
Admittedly, I'm a bit under educated regarding this longitudinal DSG/S-Tronic trans. Quick question, why would you "have to" internally modify to 2wd? Couldn't you leave as is and "connect" to only output to rear wheels?
Ah so you're looking for a better box - makes sense. I was assuming one was out there and the programming was the issue. I assume that's why you can't just use a Porsche PDK system (thinking Cayman), but perhaps the hardware costs are too high to justify as well.

I have a quick-shift kit on my Ducati, and while it only seems to make a minor difference in real performance, it sure does add to the excitement.

Tyson, I've not investigated the design, but I have read on forums that your idea works but effectively halves the torque rating of the VW/Audi boxes. It may still be adequate for a mild engine, but I get the feeling Pat is looking for a bit more power :)
Perhaps another user can chime in with better info.
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Had the opportunity this past Friday to visit the CLP Motorsports facility and see a variety of RCR/Superlite models in person. I was thoroughly impressed by the build quality of each one. I wish that I could put a few of them in my garage, but the collection always starts with one.

I have narrowed down to the Nemesis, just not sure which one yet as I have a few questions:
1. Are the LMP2 and Nemesis essentially the same? What are the differences?
2. Since I have an extensive motorcycle background, I'm still interested in a motorcycle (chain driven) powerplant. Are the rear differential, sprocket carrier assemblies still available?
3. Is there an LMP2 bodywork option available for the Nemesis Tandem?
-The main chassis is essentially the same. The LMP2 has bolt on side pods, aluminum belly pan, different fuel cell, etc, and of course, the body. I'm not sure if the standard Nemesis can have the LMP2 conversion done to a "normal" Nemesis. Fran?
-The reason Fran went with the VW driveline is because not too many people were interested in the motorcycle running gear. I doubt that it's still available.
-The answer to #3 is no. The LMP2 body is only built for the single seat Nemesis.

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Justin is pretty spot on.

but the new Nemesis chassis all have the provision to become LMP2 cars as they have the attachment points as standard.

We no longer offer the bike package

There is no reason to have the LMP2 body for the N2 so that's a NO.
what about clearance for the Audi S4 2.7biturbo, or is it to wide with the 90deg V6?
also wondering when the site will be updated, for the nemesis 2, LMP2 kit, and the apex.
You can make 5-600+whp with a 1.8t or 2.0t which is way more than enough in this chassis, so there is really no need to try and squeeze in a v6 and all of the extra plumbing for an extra turbo.
We actually have the following in stock and ready for sale!

Nemesis Tandem
LMP2 brand new rolling chassis
LMP2 Original RCR race car complete