New CAV owner


Hello GT40 Fans!

I've been lurking unregistered here for quite a few years. I recently acquired CAV GT40 #41 from a bring a trailer auction. Looking forward to getting to know you and learning more about these fantastic cars.


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The prior owner put a 1000 miles on the car in ten years. First thing I am doing is taking it to a local race shop (JL Fabricating) for a full inspection including the fuel system, brakes, etc.

Chris Kouba

Welcome to the club! There are a number of us around the Portland and Seattle areas. Looks great! Get it sorted and put some miles on it.
I saw that one on BAT. I would suggest looking at the fuel tanks since they are old. CAV has aluminum ones available. I have #53. The parking brake is terrible on these. I am working on putting on different calipers. The lights are also terrible, but it is a very easy change to move to LEDs. Use rainx on the windshield. There were quite a lot of changes after #100. I hope to see more than a 1000 miles in the next 10 years!
Welcome Rick, I also purchased a pre-100 CAV (#22) quite recently. Busy revamping a lot of things, and finding quite a few items that could be dangerous if not addressed. (Fuel bladders, broken rose joints, wheel bearing play etc.)
Reach out to me if you want through PM, and we can discuss further. Good to see the cars are being kept in good shape and on the road.

Ian Clark

Hi Rick, Welcome aboard, a lot of people were watching that auction. You have a seriously quick car on your hands!

There is a wealth of information here to answer any questions you may have as you go. Good idea having the car checked over by a race car shop.

Cheers Ian


Thanks Ian!

I made a fat finger mistake when I made this post. The car is actually #41 not 46 as noted in the original post. If admin could correct I would be appreciative.

I would love to hear from anyone that knew anything about the history of my car. Thanks