New for SPF- Vent/"Toll" window seal kit

Time Machines is offering an upgrade to the Superformance GT40 with our silicone seal kit for the side window vents. This kit consists of molded silicone seal with pressure sensitive adhesive. This clear seal replaces the closed cell foam the factory uses. This seal improves air and water intrusion and is more attractive being clear.

Our kit includes material for left and right windows as well as alcohol wipes for surface preparation. You need to remove the vent using an Allen wrench and the existing foam seal (it will peel off and the adhesive residue will "roll" off with your finger)

Understand that the GT is not "waterproof" but this helps upgrade to "water resistant'!

Part number GT40P/21448 and it sells for $44.60 plus shipping. This works on the Superformance GT40 and may work on other brands but no guarantee that it will.

And our roof vent drain kit will be back in production shortly.

Contact: info(AT)


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I'll take a set for my GTD

I can't guarantee that they will work on a non SPF. Does your window have a return that the vent part rests against as seen in the photos? If it is as many types are and is just a panel cut out of the side window, it will not work.

While want to sell these, I do not want to sell them to people who can't use them! much of all of your upgrade/seal goodies to you still have at this point? About to take delivery of a new SPF GT40.
We have the vent window seal kits as well as the A/C seal kits. We no longer have the tub seals as the manufacturer "lost" our tooling and wants stupid money to replace the tooling THEY lost! Also the wood shift knobs with the "GT40" insert.