New Gt40 build

David, I will also be using an external clutch slave cylinder and would like to see some pictures of how you installed yours. Great looking car! Thanks.
I still don't know how you got the Roush FEAD to clear the factory tab on the CAV monocoque that mounts the upper section of the rear upright? Did you grind on the CAV part? We could not get enough clearance out of the Roush bracket and it would have meant going too deep on the alternator too. Just not comfortable grinding the mounting tab on the CAV.

These pictures were before the motormounts were bolted, it was not possible without grinding something to get them bolted. I think we are going to shelve the Roush FEAD for the CAV setup it seems.
Hi Cashburn, I modified the motor mounts to allow the engine to be off center about .25",
combined with a little metal removal on the alternator bracket gave me ample room.
Having done all that I am not real excited with the Roush serpentine belt setup.
The belt has to be unbelievably tight to avoid slippage(the alternator pulley is tiny and there is not much grip length for the belt), and it is not self adjusting.
It also required replacement of the 2 engine compartment AC hoses, the hose used by CAV is a different spec than US hose.
But, once it was in and done it was pretty cool.