NEW LS3 Twin Turbo for my SLC just showed up!

I just received my turnkey Twin turbo ls3 from Ace racing I wanted to let everyone know if you are looking for a LS this company had the best customer service. My slc just got out of paint and is on its way to AR Motorsports in Tigard OR, to get the engine installed I will have three different tunes 800,1000 and 1500HP I’ll post pictures soon
I’m unbelievably excited to drive my SL-C.. the body shop put in 120 hours of work. I had it painted neon lime green , twin turbo. Next on the lis is to find a company to do a full custom interior. I really want it to feel like a nice super car inside.
It might sound dumb but I just turned 40 and the slc had been my dream car/toy but I needed to be at a point in my life where I could be completely ok with being irresponsible. Haha. Let’s face it, it’s a awesome looking car but at the end of the day it’s extremely expensive, it’s never done, it’s unbelievably uncomfortable and not practical… after years of looking and convincing my wife I found ALANS #16 build so I bought it but couldn’t stand the color and of course I wanted to make it my own.. so here we go…..
I had the opportunity to go for a drive with an 800 rwhp twin turbo SLC here in California recently. We had a really great time, although it did reveal that my supercharged LS7 was slightly lacking on the parts of the road that were not twisty :oops: . While my car is honestly relatively easy to control from a power standpoint, it would be hard imagine the challenge of trying to drive a turbo car with 800hp - much less 1,500hp on a mountain road o_O .

Will be fun following your build along, thanks for sharing. Hopefully, you'll find reason to bring your car 'south of the border' for some fun at some point.


That's about the same color green as a Porsche 911 I once owned. I received a rather rude comment about it from a critic.
Wasn't his car. Never understood gatekeeping in the automotive community. Well, unless it's something blatantly unsafe like extreme stance.
1500 HP? holly cow. What do you plan to do with that , go to the salt flats to set a speed record? Good for you. Congrats , can't wait to see the car running. I had a krypton green Lotus Elise for a few years and loved it . My son cried when I sold it. I think he was around 9.
To be honest I had the option to stick with my factory crate motor, buy a 800hp TT, 1000hp TT OR go big and buy a 1500hp twin turbo… it didn’t take much thought .. buy the 1500hp engine make 3 different tunes 800, 1000 and 1500. I can always justify a faster car regardless of the cost.
Ijust got it back from the body shop and engine is going in February 1st