New - need roof in the car



after I finished the build of my Cobra GD kit, I am looking for its successor. Saw a KVA kit, and Not sure if I shall buy!
Dear UDO

welcome to gt40s.

Where in germany are you located ?

As already pointed out. GT40s are a different breed than cobras.

KVA are told to be the first GT40 replicas produced. Some of the existing Kits are still based on them.
It all depends on your expectations. If you just want a look a like, you may be fine with the KVA.
If you are about performance as well, than you realy want to look more closely to what generation of KVA it is. If it is the first generation ( Ford front axle and Ford rear axle, non GT40 type suspension) than a lot of modification is required to make this car perform well.

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Hi All,
finally, I bought the KVA, without rear frame / engine bay. Are there any owners in Germany in NRW for some good hints?



Hi Mick,

thanks, now I Know how the no longer existing engine mount had looked like. Plan is to get one engine bay and suspension from Tornado - does someone has a better idea? I need the metal parts next year, when my crashed Cobra is back on track ....


Udo, welcome

In the past KVA owners would cut off the rear and graft on a GTD back end, the GT40 enthusiasts club did a good article on this a few years ago when they did a piece on the replica business.

A lot of GTD owners are now putting on the Southern GT rear end, so maybe worth a consideration - have a look at my build thread for an example.