New SL-C from Atlanta saying hi!!

Here's a few pics from my build thread...


Most recent photo, I've made some progress since this...

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If you are going to modify the front to accommodate full headlight assemblies , may I suggest 2014-17 Jaguar F type headlight assemblies . You can see my build thread for full details . It does involve quite a bit of detailed fiberglass work, but so does the motorcycle headlight mod. Also the running lights , turn signals and built in fog lights are top notch.


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Hey guys!! getting caught up with the forum!! It has been a world of events with the cars. 2 of my cars had issues (engine or gearbox) that had to address before continuing on the superlite. In the meantime, LS3 is out and ferrari/maserati engine is in, just waiting from RCR for the adapter plate for the grazziano. Kind of cool to mix a ferrari engine with a lamborghini transmission haha!!

On a poopy note, i ordered the flywheel/tone ring/adapter plate from RCR back in november for a 4-6 week shipping and its been 4 months and counting. Kind of disappointing but that's a different topic.

On a good note, I'll be selling all my adapter stuff and anythign needed to make the ls3 work with the LS3 Grazziano and ill post it in here, not sure if there is a special place for listings or not?

Lastly, regaridng the lights, decided to go with something completely different, waiting on RetroFit to release the lights to the market before i can show them (and actually buy them). Got rh chance to see them , measure them, try them out but not keep them or have them just yet lol!!

More to come, enjoying seeing all the superlites getting finished up in here!!
Need to install the windshield and after a mother adjust the body gaps . Want the new seals to seat


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