"new" Superlite Graziano shifter

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Looks really cool! Can it be used on the transaxles, like a UN1?
Can it be ordered separately? And how much does it cost?
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Superlite is pleased to announce general availability of their new in-house designed and CNC-machined billet shifter for the Graziano transaxle cars. Many builders have expressed a preference for the OEM Audi R8 shifter because of its improved feel and appearance, but these are increasingly difficult to find, and will only become harder to source in time. The OEM shifters are also physically large, which makes installation more complex, and often requires modifications to the car. And of course, the Audi OEM shifters are expensive, even when you can find them.
The new Superlite shifter for the Graziano gearbox is more compact, has an improved shift gate, uses the same geometry as the OEM shifter, and dramatically improves shift feel and accuracy compared to the previous shifter.
These spectacular shifters are available for $1495. Existing customers with a Superlite car and a Graziano from Superlite should contact the factory for more details. Please allow 2 weeks for production of your new shifter, as these are very machine intensive to produce.
These are available to non superlite customers also btw!!

The shift knob shown is for testing purposes only
Looks really cool! Can it be used on other transaxles, e.g. like a UN1?
Can it be ordered separately? And how much does it cost?
Sure would like some information on dimensions:). Then would be able to decide on an order. I did receive this from RCR today though:

"I have no specs on the Shifter as these are still in production at the moment. I have a very lengthy pre order list that I will have to fulfill before any potential customer w/o one of our kits will be able to purchase."

I would hope if in production there would be some dimensions; and of course it makes me think non SLC owners not so much:rolleyes:.
I guess nothing new or we don't need to know:confused:

Joel K

Here you go, Allan has installed the new shifter in his latest LT4 powered SLC. Just an incredible build.
was anyone able to make the original shifter even work?
Just about every car prior to Allan’s #17 car used the original shifter. The Audi shifter and this new offering from RCR are recent developments. So about 10 years’ worth of product out there with the original shifter, give or take.
I do understand shifter adjustments are to be done by me .I have many hours in it and do have all the gears but far from working correctly lots of binding no directions where to start with cable adjusting.