"new" Superlite Graziano shifter

Started working on the mount for the new shifter. Using a piece of 2x3 tube to simulate the center rail so I can work out of the car. Keeping it offset 1/2" to the passenger side to give me a little more room in the driver's seat. Next step will be to weld up the two brackets then drill the 4 mounting holes. My welder (daughter) is passing through town this weekend so will get that all finished then will position in the car.

For those that have been looking for dimensions, the base of the shifter is about 4 1/2" square so it overhangs the 2" center rail. I used a piece of 1" angle on one side and 1 1/2" angle on the other to get the 1/2" offset I was looking for and to fully support the front edge of the shifter.

Since the shifter is wider than the console, will need to come up with a new strategy there and then get the assembly sequence down so I can hide everything within the console.
Next challenge will be to remember where I put the original shifter to pull off the cables.... Bet I thought is was a great place to put it when I put it there.



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Yeah. Half the time spent working on my car is looking for the great places I stored stuff so I would be sure to find it later;). Thanks for the update and nice work on the SS angles.