"new" Superlite Graziano shifter

Started working on the mount for the new shifter. Using a piece of 2x3 tube to simulate the center rail so I can work out of the car. Keeping it offset 1/2" to the passenger side to give me a little more room in the driver's seat. Next step will be to weld up the two brackets then drill the 4 mounting holes. My welder (daughter) is passing through town this weekend so will get that all finished then will position in the car.

For those that have been looking for dimensions, the base of the shifter is about 4 1/2" square so it overhangs the 2" center rail. I used a piece of 1" angle on one side and 1 1/2" angle on the other to get the 1/2" offset I was looking for and to fully support the front edge of the shifter.

Since the shifter is wider than the console, will need to come up with a new strategy there and then get the assembly sequence down so I can hide everything within the console.
Next challenge will be to remember where I put the original shifter to pull off the cables.... Bet I thought is was a great place to put it when I put it there.


Yeah. Half the time spent working on my car is looking for the great places I stored stuff so I would be sure to find it later;). Thanks for the update and nice work on the SS angles.
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My wife sent me a picture of a package that came from Fran and got to the house this morning and she promptly left to go out for the day so I wasn't able to tell her to open it and send a picture.
I'm sure it's my shift gate.
Won't be back home to work on it until Thanksgiving but can get the shifter and console mocked up now
Thanks for posting the picture
Yes, unless you're fast entering a slow corner and need to go from 4th to 2nd, etc. Otherwise it is a great idea.
6th to 3rd might be an issue but 4th to 2nd or 6th to 4th doesn't look like it would be an issue with that gate pattern. An h-pattern gearbox doesn't really speed shift very well anyway, even with the beveled gate. I've found with the Audi unit you need to be somewhat deliberate unless you want to risk money shifting and tossing an engine, trans, or your car into the bushes. I've been heel/toe downshifting my Audi unit just fine the few times I've driven it and I expect the RCR unit would perform just as well.
Anybody have this dude up and running? Input? Any detail on shift cable requirements? I had planned to use a Numeric shifter (and still am for now) but i definitely see the issues with a non gated shifter. I have some possible solutions, but we'll see. Last week I was just going to order the RCR shifter but found its a "3 month+" L/T. So i need to consider modifications to what I have/building an new shifter.. or waiting!
Superlite is pleased to announce general availability of their new in-house designed and CNC-machined billet shifter for the Graziano transaxle cars. Many builders have expressed a preference for the OEM Audi R8 shifter because of its improved feel and appearance, but these are increasingly difficult to find, and will only become harder to source in time. The OEM shifters are also physically large, which makes installation more complex, and often requires modifications to the car. And of course, the Audi OEM shifters are expensive, even when you can find them.
The new Superlite shifter for the Graziano gearbox is more compact, has an improved shift gate, uses the same geometry as the OEM shifter, and dramatically improves shift feel and accuracy compared to the previous shifter.
These spectacular shifters are available for $1495. Existing customers with a Superlite car and a Graziano from Superlite should contact the factory for more details. Please allow 2 weeks for production of your new shifter, as these are very machine intensive to produce.
These are available to non superlite customers also btw!!

The shift knob shown is for testing purposes only
Totally a work of art!!! Wish this would work on a G50/52!!

Dan Carter

GT40s Supporter
Anybody got this shifter up and running? Does it truly make finding/shifting easier and more precise over original shifter.

I’m trying to confirm prior to taking the plunge.
Anybody got this shifter up and running? Does it truly make finding/shifting easier and more precise over original shifter.

I’m trying to confirm prior to taking the plunge.
Dan - there is no comparison. Whether you go with the Audi unit or the RCR shifter, it's a completely different driving experience. The gates ensure you get engagement of whatever gear you're looking for - assuming you've pushed it into the correct gate of course. There's no hunting and trying to "feel" for the gate like with the original unit.
I would have purchased by now, but as I posted earlier the lead time was insane and then contrary to the initial post. I was told I would have to wait longer if I wanted one for my Ultima. Have no idea if the lead times have been reduced yet, but have to stay with the CAE shifter until the things are really in stock.