Nice GT40 posters

I have been watching Ebay for some weeks now hoping to find some nice posters of GT40s (motorsport or vintage look), but unfortunately I have found any.

As I want them for my garage I will settle for Lola T70, Porsche 917, Ferrari 330 P4 / 512 S / 512 M, you get the picture.

Does anyone know of a (web)shop that might have them?

So far this is what I found (and bought)...


Jim Craik

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Back in the 1970s, Porsche put out some wonderful posters after each win, I bet if you Google "Porsche racing posters", you will find lots of them.

Robert S.

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Give me an idea of the typical poster size you are seeking. I found some that are 18" x 24". Are you seeking larger sizes?

The other circumstance to be mindful of is the numerous printing companies that cater to the public, rather than large publications that require huge runs. The large format 9-color printers have become much less expensive, and often these businesses can print one copy in color for near a song and dance. The beauty of this approach is that you could find a high resolution photo of the exact GT40 image you desire, and have one lager print made therefrom. Many such businesses can laminate a plastic cover on the print that can either be clear gloss, or clear non gloss (eliminates glare). Some of those covers can be UV filters, thus protecting the colors from fading.

Finally, if smaller posters would suffice, you may want to visit here: - The World's Largest Poster and Print Store!

Or here: Ford Gt40 Poster #01 24x36 on eBay!

And this: "Gulf GT40" Posters by Bill Dutting | Redbubble

Maybe here: Gt40 Posters, Gt40 Prints, Art Prints, Poster Designs

Just my two cents. Hope this is useful. Robert

Give me an idea of the typical poster size you are seeking. I found some that are 18" x 24". Are you seeking larger sizes?


The image itself I think is more important than the format, but I must say the larger the better.
What I am looking for are motorsport images, so say Le Mans from the sixties. I haven't been able to find much and I think I have to turn to some of the historic libraries that own numerous slides and negatives from the past.
Come to think of it, back in the nineties I had access to a large collection of negatives and slides taken by Tom March and Nigel Snowdown and helped sell it to Peter Sachs from the Klemantaski Collection.
Unfortunately, back then I was mainly interested in historic Ferraris and didn't get any of the GT40 shots.

when I visited the Prototype Museum in Hamburg

Hamburg is not so far from you in global terms?


Fred W B
I guess you're right, about 3 hours. I drive to the Spa circuit 7 or 8 times a year which is about as long a drive, but never have been focussed too much on Germany (apart from the Nurburgring and ATP Papenburg).
Might be worth a visit though.